Digital Electronics Objective Questions – Set 2

Test your knowledge with the 30 quiz multiple choice questions and answers on the Digital Electronics.

Digital Electronics Multiple Choice

Digital Electronics Objective Questions

1. Complement of NOR and OR gate is ________ and ________ respectively.


2. Truth table is used to express

A) Boolean matrix
B) Boolean expression
C) Boolean map
D) Boolean addition

3. OR operation is equivalant to

A) Both Union & Intersection
B) Union
C) Division
D) Intersection

4. The difference between the diagram of a NOR and OR gate is

A) OR has got a bubble at its output terminal
B) OR is more oval than NOR
C) NOR has got a bubble at its output terminal
D) OR is more squared than NOR

5. Latches are ________ circuits.

A) count triggered
B) pulse triggered
C) edge triggered
D) level triggered

6. AND operation is equivalant to

A) Division
B) Intersection
C) Union
D) Both Union & Intersection

7. The way of representing numbers in the form of 0s and 1s is called as

A) Ones Notation
B) Computer Notation
C) Binary Notation
D) Zeros Notation

8. Maximum number in decimal that can be represented by 4 bits (binary) is

A) 7
B) 4
C) 15
D) 16

9. Extended Binary Coded Decimal Interchange Code is an ________ bit code.

A) 32
B) 8
C) 16
D) 7

10. 2’s Complement of 10101011 is

A) 00111100
B) 10101100
C) 01010101
D) 10101011

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