Calculate Power in Parallel RCL Circuit

An 800 Ω resistance, 100 Ω XL , and an 80 Ω XC are in parallel with a 120V, 60Hz source, as shown in Figure.

Calculate Power in Parallel RCL Circuit

Figure : Parallel R-C-L Circuit


  1. Current, IT
  2. Power Factor, pf
  3. True Power, P
  4. Reactive Power, Q
  5. Apparent Power, S


1.Current, IT

Calculate Current in Parallel RCL Circuit

IT  =  0.34 amps

2. Calculate Power factor, p.f.

Calculate Power Factor in Parallel RCL Circuit

p.f. = cos (63.4º)

p.f. = 0.45

4. Calculate True Power, P

P = EI cos θ

P = (120)(0.34)(0.45)

P = 18.36 watts

5. Calculate Reactive Power, Q

Q = EI sin θ

Q = (120)(0.34)(0.89)

Q = 36.4 VAR

6. Calculate Apparent Power, S

S = EI

S = (120)(0.34)

S = 40.8 VA

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