Digital Electronics Objective Questions – Set 7

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Digital Electronics Objective Questions


1. A demultiplexer is a

A) 1-to-1 device
B) N-to-1 device
C) 1-to-N device
D) N-to-N device

2. 8421 code is

A) weighted code
B) self-complementing code
C) non-weighted code
D) alphanumeric code

3. A device which converts a decimal number into BCD form is called

A) encoder
B) decoder
C) multiplexer
D) code converter

4. ASCII and EBCDIC codes are

A) alphanumeric codes
B) BCD codes
C) numeric codes
D) error correcting codes

5. Which of the following codes is known as the 8421 code?

A) Gray code
B) BCD code
C) ASCII code
D) XS-3 code

6. A 15-bit Hamming code requires

A) 4 parity bits
B) 5 parity bits
C) 15 parity bits
D) none of the answers

7. A multiplexer is a

A) N-to-1 device
B) N-to-N device
C) 1-to-N device
D) 1-to-1 device

8. The XS-3 code is a

A) weighted code
B) cyclic code
C) self-complementing code
D) error-correcting code

9. ASCII code is a

A) 10-bit code
B) 8-bit code
C) 7-bit code
D) 5-bit code

10. A device which converts BCD into octal is called

A) code converter
B) encoder
C) decoder
D) demultiplexer

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