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Cable Screen shall not be Grounded at Field Device ?

Why the Cable Screen shall not be Grounded at instrument field device?

Cable screen protects the signal carried on the conductor from external interference. Cable screen blocks the external interference and noise, then directs it to the ground.

Screen shall only be grounded at one source. The grounding is usually made in equipment panel or cabinet while field device point is left ungrounded and insulated. This is to eliminate the ground-loop current that may arise if screen is grounded at both end. In this case, the ground loop current becomes a noise for the signal conductor itself.

Why the cable screen shall not be grounded

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Salah March 17, 2018 at 7:25 am

What if the câble screen is grounded at cabinet, cut and insulated at the field device, but in the junction box the screen conexion is not covered, which means it can touch the interior surface of th JB, is that a normal situation? NB: it was build this way for all shielded cable s of many sites since day one


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