Electrical & Electronics Measurements Objective Questions – Set 2

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Electrical Measurements Multiple Choice Questions

Electrical & Electronics Measurements Objective Questions

1. Resolution of an instruments is

A) ability to distinguish polarity.
B) the maximum quantity it can measure.
C) the minimum quantity it can measure.
D) the maximum non linearity.

2. The dynometer principle can be for

A) Voltmeter only.
B) Wattmeter only.
C) Ammeter only.
D) ammeter, voltmeter and wattmeter.

3. The resistance in the circuit of the moving coil of a dynamometer wattmeter should be

A) Low.
B) Very low.
C) High.
D) Almost zero.

4. In AC circuits, the connection of measuring instruments cause loading effect errors which may effect

A) only phase of the quantity being measured.
B) magnitude, phase and waveform of the quantity being measured.
C) none of the answers
D) only the magnitude of the quantity being measured.

5. The errors mainly caused by human mistakes are

A) observational error.
B) instrumental error.
C) gross error.
D) systematic error.

6. The measured value of a resistance is 10.25 ohm, whereas its value of 10.22 ohm.

What is absolute error of the measurement?

A) 15.36 ohm.
B) 0.03 ohm.
C) 0.01 ohm.
D) 10.26 ohm.

7. An analog ammeter is

A) an indicating instrument.
B) a recording instrument.
C) an absolute instrument.
D) a controlling instrument.

8. The scale of hot wire ammeter is

A) Cramped.
B) Non Linear.
C) Linear.
D) Absloute linear.

9. In measurement system, the function of the signal manipulating elements is to

A) change the magnitude of the input signal while retaining its identity.
B) to perform non liner operation like clipping filtering, chopping and clamping.
C) change the quantity under measurement to an analogues signal.
D) to perform linear operation like addition and multiplication.

10. The use of __________________ instruments is merely confined within laboratories as standardizing instrument.

A) indicating.
B) recording.
C) integrating.
D) absolute.

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