Electrical & Electronics Measurements Objective Questions – Set 4

In this page you can learn Electrical Measuring Instruments multiple choice questions answers, mcq on electrical measuring instruments with answers.

Electrical Measuring Instruments MCQ

Electrical & Electronics Measurements Objective Questions

1. Systematic errors are

A) instrument errors.
B) observational errors.
C) environmental errors.
D) all of the answers

2. The use of thermocouple meters for AC measurement leads to scale which is

A) Logarithmic.
B) Square law.
C) Linear.
D) Expontial.

3. Doping in a semiconductor increases which quantity

A) Conductance
B) Resistance
C) Inductance
D) None of the answers

4. Which of following is not correct?

A) An ammeter should have a very low resitance.
B) Voltmeter should have very high resistance.
C) A shunt should have a very low resistance.
D) An electronic voltmeter draw appreciable current from the source.

5. Assertion(A): A low power factor wattmeter has special constructional features to ensure accurate measurement.
Reason(R): Extension of wattmeter range in DC circuit can be easily done by using current and potential transformer

A) Both A and R is true and R is not correct explanation of A.
B) A is true R is false.
C) A is false R is true.
D) Both A and R is true and R is correct explanation of A C.

6. The calibration of a voltmeter can be carried out by using

A) A potentiometer.
B) A function generator.
C) An ammeter.
D) A frequency meter.

7. A wheatstone bridge cannot be used for precision measurements because errors are introduced into on account of

A) Resistance of connecting leads.
B) Thermoelectric emfs.
C) All of answers
D) Contact resistance.

8. To increase Q factor of a coil, the wire should be

A) Thin.
B) Long.
C) Long and thin.
D) Thick.

9. When a potentiometer is used for measurement of voltage of an unknown source, the power consume in the circuit of the unknown source under null condition is

A) Ideally zero.
B) Small.
C) Very high.
D) High.

10. In which of the transformer is the secondary nearly short circuited under normal operating condition?

A) Power transformer.
B) Distribution transformer.
C) PT.
D) CT.

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