What are the Thermocouple Applications?

Thermocouples are the most widely used devices for temperature measurement. Study the most popular thermowell applications in industries.

Thermocouple Typical Applications

  • R-type and B-type thermocouples are suitable in an oxidising atmosphere, easily contaminated in others.
  • T-type can be used in oxidizing or reducing atmospheres.
  • J-type can be used in reducing atmospheres. Least expensive.
  • K-type can be used in oxidizing atmospheres.
  • E-type is the most sensitive. It can be used in an oxidising atmosphere.

Thermocouple Advantages

  • Low cost
  • Small size
  • Robust
  • Wide range of operation
  • Reasonably table
  • Accurate for large temp. changes
  • Fast response

Thermocouple Disadvantages

    • Weak output, mV
    • Limited accuracy for small variations in temp.
    • Sensitive to electrical noise
    • Non-linear
    • Complex conversion from emf to temp.
    • Small temperature changes mean small very small voltage changes
    • susceptible to noise
    • Non-linear
    • Calibration changes over time
    • Cannot be used bare in conductive fluids

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Thermocouple Summary

  • Thermocouples are the most economical elements for measuring temperature and also provide the highest ranges.
  • The emf generated is independent of wire length and diameter, however, noise can be a factor.
  • Thermocouples are not recommended for narrow spans or small temperature difference measurements.
  • For critical temperature measurement, an accurate reference junction temperature needs to be measured and compensated for.
  • T/C’s are low cost but should only be used where another element is not practical.

Detection of Thermocouple Faults

  • Short in the extension wires may not be detected
  • Measure resistance continuously to note any changes

Thermocouple Voltage Curves

Thermocouple Voltage Curves

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What are the Thermocouple Applications?

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