Modern Engineering Solutions for Rotary Equipment

Rotary equipment has always been the advanced level of providing a better service or a solution to a customer or a business.

Rotary equipment takes a lot more effort and advanced engineering to make it work.

Rotary Equipment

One of the most overlooked problems is the wire winding problem in rotary machines that require constant contact when operating. This was solved by one small device called a slip ring.

In this article, you will learn everything about slip rings but also their connection to rotary equipment in the world of modern engineering.

How Slip Rings Help Rotary Equipment in the Age of Modern Engineering

Rotary equipment always had a problem with wires that would keep the contact stable throughout the machine and the biggest problem was wires around the joints.

How do you use wires around the joints without them getting in the way and possibly causing problems if they get in the way of the machine?

This was solved with slip rings which are small devices that fit in machines that have both a rotary and a stationary part to it.

Slip rings eliminate wires around the joints, eliminate wire winding problems and yet provide stable contact throughout the use of the machine as long as there is consistent rotation coming from the rotary part of the machine.

Even though not many know about slip rings and they’re often overlooked. They are a very reliable, versatile, and quick solution that really solves an important issue that could lead to additional problems down the road.

What is a Slip Ring?

A slip ring is a small device that is installed on the stationary part of the machine and connects with the rotary part of the machine to provide a stable and reliable contact point between the two parts during the operation of the machine.

It eliminates wires hanging around the joints and it provides an even more stable contact that is very consistent as long as there’s rotation happening within the machine.

During the operation, the slip ring allows the transmission of an electrical signal, power, data, information, and many other mediums. Depending on the type of the slip ring, it can even be used to transmit fluid such as coolant, water, or even gas between the stationary and a rotary part of the device.

Companies such as Orbinexus produce various slip ring types that fit all types of machines and equipment in various industries all around the world. Orbinexus also excels at producing custom slip ring solutions for companies that innovate and have custom needs. They are also working on keeping slip rings up to date with modern technology by producing the newest versions of slip rings that fit different needs.

Rotary Equipment

How Slip Ring Functions And What Are its Benefits

Slip rings are very wisely designed and yet they only feature a couple of components. But with the right use of components, they make a solid and reliable device that requires very little to no maintenance and it can last for long.

The main components of a slip ring include the outer part which is the ring and the inner part which is a brush (or a wiper).

As the rotational contact from the machine happens and it gets to the slip ring, the inner brush slides within the ring and it produces a stable contact throughout the use of the machine.

Slip ring eliminates wires, solves wire winding problems, and yet it can improve mechanical performance, is easy to fit in almost any type of device or equipment (is even used for heavy machinery). It can simplify system operations, and really reduce the downtime of a machine that could be caused by wires hanging around the joints.

Slip rings provide additional benefits so they can be used to add resistance to AC motors or limit the top speed where a great example is the limitation of wind turbine blades’ top speed.

Future of Modern Engineering and Slip Rings

Thanks to advanced technology, modern engineering continuously introduces newer and better machines and equipment that everyone relies on both for personal use but also commercial use.

Slip rings have a bright future as they are able to keep up and provide a solution even with the most modern equipment.

For example, slip rings are widely used in industries you could never even think of. These industries include aerospace, medical equipment, radars, and monitoring devices, aviation, factory automation, food, and beverage industry, excavation solutions, and more.

Anywhere there are rotary devices that require continuous power and signal, you can fit slip rings to help maintain a solid operation while eliminating wire winding problems.

There are also modern versions of slip rings such as wireless power slip rings that come with unlimited RPMs or brushless slip rings that extend the lifespan and even reduce any maintenance you could expect slip rings to require.


Slip rings have proven themselves to be an important part of rotary machines and no matter how advanced or futuristic machines can get, slip rings are keeping up with modern engineering requirements.

And even though not many people even know what slip rings are, they can be a great solution in so many different aspects and areas since their simple, affordable, and yet effective solutions.

Chances are you came across slip rings in the past without even realizing it since they’re literally in almost every device that requires continuous contact during rotation.

Have you ever come across a slip ring? Where did you find it?

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