What is Reproducibility?

In various measurement and production systems in the world, there are many terms related to it for proper functioning. These terms are somewhat similar in sound but different to mean.

In general, you see, there are two terms that are widely co-related with each other every time. They are – reproducibility and repeatability.

They are often meant as same by everyone, due to their names. But, both are different and have their own uses in the system.

In this post, we will only learn the concept of reproducibility.

What is Reproducibility?

Reproducibility in Measurement

So, what is reproducibility? Let us first try to understand what we are defining. Consider two scenarios; first is a condition where you have the same person doing the same task several times and second is a condition where you have multiple persons trying to perform the same task.

Confused? Let me explain. In the first case, a person is assigned a task to complete it; and this has happened several times. He has performed it every time with the same amount of accuracy. This is repeatability.

Repeatability means how a person is repeating the task several times. In the second case, three persons are trying to perform a task, but only one at a time. Now, every human being has their own style of working.

So here, if they complete the tasks with a certain matching amount of accuracy, then it is called reproducibility.

Example of Reproducibility

Reproducibility is defined as something which can be measured by getting an average value of the work done by multiple persons to perform the same task.

If a machine has been designed to function the same work again and again, and if you are assigning multiple persons to run that machine, then it must produce a nearby same amount of results.

This shows that if there is good reproducibility, then the system has been designed properly and various persons are able to execute them irrespective of their skills and knowledge. If there is bad reproducibility, then either the persons are unskilled or less intellectual, or the system has not been designed properly.

Or else, the system’s operation has been explained in such a complex way that the operators are unable to execute them properly. Reproducibility thus refers to the degree of accuracy between the results of procedures conducted by multiple personnel.

Reproducibility is a very important tool to determine the working of a measurement system. Generally, it is applicable at almost all work levels. With this, you can determine that your system is designed and explained to operate very easily.

Even if some other person comes after some time, then if understands the system properly and if he achieves a nearby desired result, that means you have gained very good reproducibility.

In this way, we understood the concept of reproducibility.

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