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Fault in the Temperature Loop

An operator tells you the stack temperature of this incinerator is running high as indicated by TIC-37. The setpoint is set at 1400 degrees F, but the PV display shows a steady 1489 oF: Find the fault in the temperature loop.

Fault in the Temperature Loop

Find the Fault in the Temperature Loop

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Identify the likelihood of each specified fault in this process. Consider each fault one at a time (i.e. no coincidental faults), determining whether or not each fault could independently account for all measurements and symptoms in this process.

The below list shows the different types of fault conditions. Identify whether these faults are possible or impossible to cause the issue in the temperature loop?

  • TT-37 miscalibrated (reading too low)
  • TT-37 miscalibrated (reading too high)
  • TIC-37 in manual mode
  • TIC-37 in auto mode
  • FIC-38 in manual mode
  • FIC-38 in auto mode
  • FIC-38 in cascade mode
  • FT-38 miscalibrated (reading too low)


Temperature Loop Faults

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Fault in the Temperature Loop

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