Difference between PT100, PT1000, Nickel RTD and Balco RTD

Comparison of Different RTD Types : PT100 Vs PT1000 Vs Nickel RTD Vs Balco RTD

Description Platinum RTD
100Ω wire
wound and thin
Platinum RTD
1000Ω thin film 
Nickel RTD
1000Ω wire
Balco RTD
2000Ω wire
Cost –OEM quantity  High  Low Medium  Medium
Temperature range Wide
-400 to 1200°F
(-240 to 649°C)
-320 to 1000°F
(-196 to 538°C)
-350 to 600°F
(-212 to 316°C)
-100 to 400°F
(-73 to 204°C)
Interchangeability Excellent Excellent Fair Fair
Long term stability Good Good Fair Fair
Accuracy High High Medium  Low
Repeatability Excellent Excellent Good Fair
Sensitivity (output) Medium High High Very High
Response Medium Medium to Fast Medium Medium
Linearity Good Good Fair Fair
Self-heating Very low to low Medium Medium Medium
Point (end) sensitivity Fair Good Poor Poor
Lead effect  Medium  Low  Low  Low
Physical size / packaging Small to medium Small to large Large Large

Article by : Naresh L

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2 thoughts on “Difference between PT100, PT1000, Nickel RTD and Balco RTD”

  1. Normally PT100 rules the power/water industry
    Can you pl give some application where 1000ohm and 2000ohm RTDs are normally used?

  2. Sir I am E.royan frank ,Iam Intending to start a coaching class for instrumentation .I need your permission to use your article as training materials.

    Thanking you
    E.Royan frank .



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Difference between PT100, PT1000, Nickel RTD and Balco RTD

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