What is Custom Machining in CNC? Why Should You Choose It?

CNC machining is evolving and so are the methods used to manufacture the machined parts. The customers are looking to get precise parts. And with the techniques, it’s all possible to achieve the desired outcome.

One such process is custom machining. It refers to a custom machining process to meet the customer requirements.

Let’s discuss custom machining and why machine shops choose it.

What is Custom Machining?

Custom machining is a part of the CNC machining process. In custom machining, machinists can create a new part with the help of various CNC machining forms.

Custom machining is needed when a specific part is not available for the machine shop. This way they can create the component by using CNC machining services.

CNC Custom Machining

Custom machining is required when a common part has a special requirement. And custom machining is not only used for the manufacturing of smaller parts.

But also to create large parts that have several features. These parts are customized and fit well for a specific project.

Here are some types of custom CNC machining to create parts:

  • CNC milling: Machinists use CNC milling when they need to turn and drill metals. The same process gets used for other materials.
  • CNC turning: CNC turning is another popular process used for custom machining. During CNC turning, a metal rod gets rotated with help of a CNC-operated cutting tool. The tool removes parts of the metal to create a final product.
  • CNC router: CNC router cuts complex pieces of metal sheets. And gets used for large-scale CNC custom machining services.

Why use Custom CNC Machining?

 CNC machines can work without compromising quality. Unlike manual work, where there is always a chance of error.

Here are the advantages of using custom machining:

  • High quality and high precision parts

CNC machining helps with the production of demanding applications. Even with the small diameters, the high precision ability of CNC production ensures you get precisely what you need.

The custom machining helps to produce the same part over and over again until the last part is made.

  • Fabricate parts with custom requirements

At some certain time, your equipment will require parts that need custom fabrication. It includes quick turnaround projects that require additional parts and supplies.

Projects will request unique parts that are not present in manufacturer catalogs.

  • On-time production

The CNC custom machining involves removing the raw material until you have the desired shape.

The CNC machine is set to follow the preset instructions and therefore there is less chance of an error during the production of machined parts.

  • Machine shops can work with difficult materials

Some materials cause problems during the production process. Plastic is one such material that requires custom CNC machining equipment.

And certain metals like bronze and stainless steel require custom parts and equipment. These materials cannot put through the standard process and get the results you need.

CNC machining process

Reasons for Custom Machining

When a machinist combines multiple elements into a single part. There could be a scenario where the customer demands a complex part.

Now, the manufacturing of the custom part requires more precision and various elements to manufacture a part.

High-quality parts are made in an emergency. There is a lot of demand for precision parts in many industries like aerospace, military, medical. With custom machining, the quality parts are manufactured in less time.

Machine shops are ok in creating small quantities. Most of the manufacturing companies machine parts with the help of custom machining according to your need.

Industries Requires Custom CNC Machining

Every industry requires tailored machining and the industries also require precise parts.

Some of the industries where custom machining comes in handy:

  • Aerospace industry
  • Agriculture industry    
  • Automotive industry
  • Construction industry
  • Firearms industry

And more.

Summing it up

Custom machining is necessary for producing custom machined and yes it’s more expensive than normal CNC machining.

With custom machining, the manufacturers get the parts on time and with superior quality than normal machining. More industries continue to look for specialized CNC machines to get the kind of results they want and custom CNC machining is here to stay.

Custom machining is the ideal solution and will be the perfect solution to manufacture smaller, precise, and complex parts in less time. 

Author: Norm

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