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Overview of Proximity Switches

A proximity sensor is a sensor able to detect the presence of nearby objects without any physical contact.

Application:- Proximity switches provide better alternative to the conventional electro-mechanical limit switches for position sensing. It is a best solution to all linear / rotary counting applications. They find wide applications in Machine tools, Foundries, Rolling mills, Automobile, Textile, Pharmaceutical, Material handling and all automation systems in general.

Construction:- The Proximity Switches are generally available in tubular enclosures with diameter from 4 mm to 140 mm. These enclosures are made of Stainless Steel, Nickel Plated Brass Tube or Engineering Plastics as required by the application.

These switches are totally epoxy potted to meet IP-67 grade of protection. The switches are also available in various other shapes such as Rectangular, Slot, Block, Button and Insert type modules. Our Proximity Switches meet CE requirements.

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Types of Proximity Switches:-

A critical element of sensing, automation & control, Proximity Switches are available in Inductive, Capacitive, Optical, Ultrasonic & Magnetictypes based on the object sensing principle

Types of Proximity Switches


Advantages of Proximity Switches

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