Impulse Line Pressure Testing Procedure

Learn the testing procedure for the field instruments impulse line, pipe, or tubing pressure leak test.

Impulse Line Pressure Testing Procedure

Test Pressure Equipment

  • Test gauge, Hydro manual pump, Hose
  • Guage used shall be calibrated +/- 1% accuracy and shall have valid calibrate stickers

Test Medium

  • Clean water
  • Air

Testing Pressure

  • The test pressure equipment shall be 1.5 times of the max. working pressure
  • Incase of pneumatic test, test pressure shall be 1.1 times

Checks To Be Carried Out Before Starting Pressure Test

  • Ensure that ferrules are correctly installed
  • Impulse lines shall be supported and slope maintained properly
  • Ensure that instrument connected is isolated
  • Barricade the area for hydro test access shall restrict to authorized persons only
  • Use all safety PPE’s ( Personal Protective Equipments)

Impulse Line Testing Procedure

  • After verifying the completeness of all above applicable records line shall be cleared for the pressure test
  • Avoid air pocket for mention vents at high points shall be left open and not closed until clean test medium flow from the outlet
  • If leaks are observed in the line, marks these leaks and de-pressurize the line
  • Before starting repairs, ensure that the lines shall be drained properly
  • If any repairs have been carried out, this line shall be re-pressurize tested, and documented

Post Testing Procedure

  • De-pressurization of the line shall be carried out in a controlled manner
  • Immediately release of pressure is not permitted
  • These lines are to be drained out and air flushed after testing

Final Checks to be Carried Out

  • All the tubes are to be properly cleaned by using compressed air
  • Check that all connections are done properly.

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