EPC Questions and Answers

Find the latest EPC Questions and Answers for engineers working in Engineering, Procurement, Construction related industries.

EPC Questions and Answers

EPC Questions and Answers

Describe the datasheet development workflow process.
Start with Rev A and the discipline activity and describe all the way to Rev 0.

RevA – Process Input with client comments, RevB – Mechanical Input Required, RevC – Submit with Inquiry for Client Approval, RevD – Submit to vendors for quotation, Rev0 – Submit with purchase requisition after bid tab process.

When an engineering department receives a document for the first time, what is the first item on your ‘to-do’ list and why?

You must validate the document. This process is so that you check the document to ensure it was tagged properly and to verify that it was received on the Vendor information requirement form.

For the client, are drawings reviewed in parallel or in series and why?

Series – To discourage similar comments made by various parties. It is engineering consultants’ responsibility to own the design on vendor data, so we must do our diligence in commenting on vendor data per specs.

When we receive approvals from clients and experts for welding documents/inspection/ drawings, what is one thing that must be on the drawings before returning to the vendor and Why?

Engineering Consultants’ Stamp – It signifies that the document has been reviewed and proper approvals provided.

Do purchase requisitions need client approval before we send them to procurement?
Support your answer with an explanation.

No, the client approves them in SAP when they release the order to the winning vendor.

Why do we separate the datasheet from Inquiries when we send it to IM?

So that the datasheet lives in the server as its own entity as it is issued.

When a weld or procedure document comes in as PCERT (in other words to be certified), are you allowed to check and stamp yourself?

Yes, provided that the comments on the original receipt documents can be easily verified by you. If you don’t understand the comments, then you should send it back to experts.

Who is supposed to receive all Welding documents for approval on the client?

Appointed Engineering Consultants’s Engineer & Client’s Appointed engineer responsible for the project – Specialty Engineering gets involved for high alloys

What does E+A, E+C, E stand for? Why do we use different monikers for approvals?

E+A: Electronic plus approval, E+C: Electronic plus comment, E electronic. Must hold for E+A.

If we send vendor data to the client for approval and give a 2-week turnaround…and have not received any comments or approval, what is the proper process for returning the vendor data back to the vendor?

You should make every attempt to call, email, contact the client to encourage comments or timely approval, if the schedule is going to slip and all attempts have yielded no results, you are allowed to send Engineering Consultants’ comments back to the vendor without proper client input.

If we receive vendor data for a 2nd round, are we required Engineering Consultants’ work processes to send to the client for approval/comments?

No, provided that there is no scope or design change, the client is expected to make all their comments and input known on the first receipt of vendor data. From 2nd round onward, Engineering Consultant is expected to turn around documents within 1 week’s time, unless otherwise directed by the schedule.

Author: Rahul Kapoor

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