130 Quiz on Electrical Safety and Equipment Grounding

Test your technical skills in electrical engineering using our 130 quiz questions and answers on electrical safety and electrical equipment grounding.

Quiz on Electrical Safety and Equipment Grounding

Quiz on Electrical Safety and Equipment Grounding

The sample 15 questions are listed below.

Question 1:

Electrical ________ is the connection of two or more metal parts to establish electrical continuity and conductivity.

A) grounding
B) Any of the answers
C) bonding

Question 2:

__________ burns are normally caused by contact with the superheated air or surrounding metals of an arcing fault.

A) Electrical-contact
B) Thermal-contact
C) All of the answers

Question 3:

The best or safest form of electrical shock is _________!

A) freezing
B) safety
C) awareness
D) no shock at all

Question 4:

The ________ within an electrical circuit is commonly referred to as the circuit voltage.

A) potential difference
B) Either potential or potential difference
C) potential
D) potential summation

Question 5:

The operating voltage of the equipment you are working with determines the ________ voltage; or within the building, the ________ voltage.

A) distribution; circuit
B) circuit; circuit
C) distribution; distribution
D) circuit; distribution

Question 6:

___________ are sometimes the result of carelessness by the individual, but so often accidents happen because we are unaware of the dangers that are present in what we are attempting to do.

A) Aggravation
B) Accidents
C) Aggravation
D) Incidents

Question 7:

___________ burns occur when current flows along the skin or within the body (most dangerous).

A) Fire
B) none of the answers
C) Electrical
D) Either electrical or fire

Question 8:

You should always turn off or remove all power _________ making alterations to an electrical circuit.

A) after
B) either before or after
C) before
D) none of the answers

Question 9:

When you become part of the electrical circuit, the severity of the electrical shock is determined by which of the following?

A) All of The answers
B) The time duration or length of time the body was in the circuit
C) The magnitude of the current flowing through the body
D) The path the current took through the body

Question 10:

Because current will take every available path back to its source, (this is where the danger of electrical shock enters the picture), the circuit conductors must be _________ to form a single path for current flow.

A) isolated
B) inoculated
C) elevated
D) insulated

Question 11:

A(n) __________ is a conducting object through which a direct connection to earth is established.

A) equipment-bonding
B) equipment-grounding
C) grounding-electrode
D) Either A or C

Question 12:

Both __________ voltages and _________ body resistances will reduce the degree of electrical shock or damage to the human body.

A) lower; higher
B) higher; lower
C) higher; higher
D) lower; lower

Question 13:

The forced flow or movement of the electrons is described as the electrical __________.

A) impedance
B) current
C) wattage
D) voltage

Question 14:

As used with cabinets, disconnects, controllers, and other enclosures: the electrical-power distribution system of a building or other structure, the term “___________ enclosure” indicates without live parts exposed to a person on the operating side of the equipment.

A) deadfront
B) none of the answers
C) deadback

Question 15:

During a severe electrical shock, __________ burns are normally caused by contact with the superheated air or surrounding metals of an arcing fault.

A) Arc
B) Electrical
C) All of The answers
D) thermal-contact

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