Transducers MCQ

In this article, we shared the transducers objective questions and answers for instrumentation, electrical, and electronics engineers.

Transducers MCQ

Transducers MCQ

The below list provides all the multiple-choice questions (MCQ) related to the basics of transducers.

Answers are available at the bottom of the article.

1. The principle of operation of LVDT is based on the variation of

C)Mutual inductance

2. In a graded-index fiber, the total reflected light takes a _________

A)Elliptical path
B)Parabolic path
C)Circular path
D)Straight-line path

3. The size of air-cored transducers in comparison to the iron core parts is


4. The drawbacks of strain gauges are​

S1: Low fatigue life​

S2: They are expensive, brittle and sensitive to temperature​

S3: Poor linearity​

Choose the correct one

A)S2 and S3
B)S1 and S3
C)S1 and S2
D)S1 only

5. A pointer of an instrument once deflected returns to zero position, when the current is removed due to

A)Damping Torques
B)Controlling Torque
C)Mass of the pointer
D)Action of gravity

6. In wire wound strain gauges, the change in resistance is due to

A)Change in both length and diameter
B)Change in resistivity
C)Change in length of the wire
D)Change in diameter of the wire

7. In an LVDT, the two secondary voltage

A)Vary unequally depending on the core position
B)Vary equally depending on the core position
C)Are always in phase quadrature
D)Are independent of the core position

8. The transducers which require an external power and their output is a measure of some variables such as resistance, inductance, capacitance, etc., are called as

A)Active transducer
B)Passive transducer
C)Self generating transducer
D)Primary sensor

9. Most commonly used indicator electrode is

A)Silver – Silver chloride electrode
B)Silver electrode
C)Calomel electrode
D)Glass electrode

10. Piezoelectric transducers work when we apply ________ to it.

C)Mechanical force

11. Fiber optic sensor can be used to sense _________


12. In foil strain gauge the thickness of foil varies from

A)25 micron to 60 micron
B)2.5 micron to 5 micron
C)2.5 micron to 6 micron
D)25 micron (or) less

13. S1: Transducer is a device which converts physical into electrical quantity​

S2: Transducer is also called as sensor

A)Both S1 & S2 are true
B)S2 is true & S1 is false
C)S1 is true & S2 is false
D)Both S1 & S2 are false

14. S1: In multimode fiber optics, intensity modulating schemes can be employed.​

S2: Schemes using polarizing techniques need birefringent fiber.

A)Both S1 and S2 are true
B)S1 is false and S2 is true
C)S1 is true and S2 is false
D)Both S1 and S2 are false

15. pH value of venous blood is


16. Which of the following material will be preferred as a shunt for extending the range of measurement of a voltmeter


17. An ammeter is convertible to a voltmeter by

A)Putting a large resistance in parallel with the actual measuring part of the instrument
B)Simply installing the instrument in parallel with the circuit
C)Changing the scale
D)Putting a large resistance in series with the actual measuring part of the instrument

18. Silver chloride electrode is used as a reference electrode due to its

A)Stable resting potential
B)Stable action potential
C)Stable half cell potential
D)Large half cell potential

19. Quartz and Rochelle salt belongs to _______ of piezo-electric materials

A)Natural or Synthetic group
B)Fiber group
C)Synthetic group
D)Natural group

20. LVDT is an/a _______ transducer

B)Eddy current
D)Magneto-strict ion

21. An instrument in which the value of ethnical quantity to be measured can be determined from the deflection of the instrument when it has been precalibrated by comparison with an absolute instrument

A)Secondary instrument
B)Recording instrument
C)Integrating instrument
D)Absolute instrument

22. Pressure transducer for measuring blood pressure is

A)Strain gauge or capacitive transducer
B)Strain gauge transducer only
C)Resistive transducer
D)Fiber optic transducer

23. Test electrode is also known as

A)Primary electrode
B)Second electrode
C)Reference electrode
D)Indicator electrode

24. Photoconductive cell consists of a thin film of

B)Lithium sulphate
D)Barium titanate

25. The change in resistance of a metal wire owing to strain is due to​

S1: Change in dimension of wire expressed by factor (1-2μ)​

S2: Change in resistance?

A)Both S1 & S2 are true
B)S2 is true & S1 is false
C)S1 is true & S2 is false
D)Both S1 & S2 are false

26. LVDT windings are wound on

A)Steel sheets

27. Which of the following is not an integrating instrument?

A)Watt-hour meter
B)All of these answers
D)Ampere-hour meter

28. Certain type of materials generates an electrostatic charge or voltage when mechanical force is applied across them.​

Such materials are called


29. ________ fiber is used in interferometric instruments.


30. The principle of operation of variable resistance transducer is

A)Coupling of two coils changes with displacement
B)Displacement of a contact slider on a resistance
C)Deformation leads to change in resistance
D)Movement of magnetic field produces variation in resistance of material

31. An ammeter is inserted in _______

A)Parallel in a circuit and only part of the current to the measured flows through it.
B)Series in a circuit and current to be measured flows through it
C)Parallel in a circuit and current to be measured flows through it
D)Series in a circuit and part of the current to be measured flows through it

32. The application of LVDT is

A)Limb movement
B)Joint motion
C)Finger movement
D)Heart wall motion

33. Which of the following are piezo electric substances?​

1. Barium titanate

2. Lead titanate

3. Lead Zirconate

4. Cadmium and sulphate​

Choose correct one

A)2,3 and 4
B)1,2 and 3
C)1,3 and 4
D)1,2 and 4

34. Bonded wire strain gauges are

A)Exclusively used for construction of transducers
B)Pressure measurement
C)Used for both stress analysis and construction of transducer
D)Exclusively used for stress analysis

35. Capacitive transducers are normally employed for_________ measurements

D)Both static and dynamic

36. Photomultiplier consists of

A)1 Photo emissive cathode & 2 dynodes
B)2 Photo emissive cathodes & 2 dynodes
C)1 Photo emissive cathode & 1 dynode
D)2 Photo emissive cathodes & 1 dynode

37. The capacitance microphone is used for the detection of

A)Heart rate
B)Heart sound
C)Blood flow
D)Foot pressure

38. _________ is the example of photoemissive cell.

A)Photo diode
C)Photo multiplier
D)Photo transistor

39. Which of the following can be measured with the help of piezoelectric crystal?


40. Venturi is associated with

A)Blood flow in heart lung machine
B)Dialysate flow in artificial kidney
C)Digital plethysmography
D)Venous blood pressure

41. A measuring system consists of

A)Variable conversion elements
B)Signal processing elements
C)All of these answers

42. Piezoelectric crystal can produce an emf

A)When the junction of two such crystals are heated
B)When external magnetic field is applied
C)When external mechanical force is applied to i
D)When radiant energy stimulates the crystal

43. In a hot wire instrument, the sensing wire is made of


44. Piezo-electric transducers are

A)Pulse transducers
B)Digital transducers
C)Passive transducers
D)Inverse transducers

45. Pick the correct statement regarding the functions of a transducer​

S1: Sense the magnitude, change in & / or frequency of the same measurand​

S2: To provide electrical output that furnishes accurate, quantitative data about the measurand

A)Both S1 & S2 are false
B)Both S1 & S2 are true
C)S1 is true & S2 is false
D)S2 is true & S1 is false

46. What should be the size of the slide wire of the potentiometer to make it to achieve high accuracy?

A)1 meter
B)Neither too thin nor too thick
C)As short as possible
D)As long as possible

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Transducers MCQ

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