Pneumatic Cylinder & Valve Sizing Calculator

Pneumatic Cylinder & Valve Sizing Calculator :

Valve Cv Rating

Use this window to size a directional control valve for your application by identifying the Coefficient of Flow (Cv) required to power the cylinder under the defined conditions.

Valve Cv Rating Calculator

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Air Pressure – The gauge pressure you will be supplying to the cylinder

Room Temperature – The temperature of the room that the application is running in.

Cylinder Bore – Diameter of the cylinder specified for the application.

Stroke Length – Cylinder stroke length in inches

Stroke Time – Required stroke time in seconds or fractions of a second, in decimal form

No. of Cylinders – Number of cylinders the directional control valve will be supplying.

Pressure Drop – The amount of allowable pressure drop.

Volume – The amount of compressed air consumed each time the cylinder strokes

Cv Factor – This is the minimum size valve required to control the cylinder at the set conditions. You will normally have to round this number up or down for an available valve Cv.

Instantaneous Flow – Based on your stroke time and cylinder volume, this is the amount of air your cylinder will consume if operated continuously for one minute. Size your filters, regulator and lubricator to this value.

Total System SCFM – If your machine has more than one cylinder, keep a tally of your system flow requirements (Instantaneous Flow) with this dialogue box. Each time a new valve is specified pressing the “Total System SCFM” button adds its flow requirement to the tally.

CV of Selected Valve – Key in the Cv rating for the valve selected for your application and the Calculator will determine the pressure drop associated with using that valve in your application.

Cylinder Bore Size

Use this window to determine how large a cylinder bore size your application requires.

Cylinder Bore Size Calculator


Air Pressure – The gauge pressure you will be supplying to the cylinder

Force Required – The amount of force required  to move load/actuate application.

Safety Factor – The amount you want to oversize the cylinder to compensate for pressure drops, etc.

Area Required – The surface area required, calculated from the values entered above.

Minimum Bore Size – Conversion of the area required to a piston diameter. You will have to round this number up or down to specify an available bore size.

Cylinder Force

Use this window to determine how much force your actuator can generate in either piston direction.

Cylinder Force Calculator


Air Pressure – The gauge pressure you will be supplying to the cylinder

Cylinder Bore – The bore size of the cylinder specified for this application.

Rod Diameter – The diameter of the piston rod for the specified cylinder.

Push Force – Maximum force generated by the cylinder at a given pressure as the rod strokes out of the cylinder.

Pull Force – Force available from the rod side of  the piston. A lesser value than the push force  because of the smaller available surface area. (The rod diameter is deducted for the pull force.)

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