Instrumentation Common e-Books

Free Download the top 50+ electronics and instrumentation common e-Books and Industrial automation technical guides.

Control Valve Handbook

Author: Emerson

Publisher: Emerson Process Management

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ISA Control Valve book

Author: ISA

Publisher: Standard Book

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For Instrumentation and Automation Books

50+ Books

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13 thoughts on “Instrumentation Common e-Books”

  1. best site ever i show on internet for Instrumentation and control engineer..
    thank u so much…this is very helpful..

  2. NO comments ! ….just, THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH for sharing your broad knowledge !!! You are smart…and kind…..once again, thank you !
    Kindly asking if you have published any books ?

  3. Dear sir,

    Thank you sharing the knowledge of Instrumentation technology with us through this website.

    Can you upload Liptak Reference Handbook for Instrumentation.


  4. Sir, I am Electrical engineer and works in Maintenance division. Pls provide information on AC and DC drives speed control, torque control, DTC and vector control block diagrams

  5. Your purpose is really great service to Instrument Engineers, I appreciate your time & knowledge giving free. I am thankful for contribution to Instrumentation and Control Engineering.


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