Cold Email Deliverability – Latest Comprehensive Guide

In this article, you will learn what is email deliverability. How it can affect a mail campaign. And how you can improve it. Should I run an email test?

What is Email Deliverability?

Your sent emails can go to the receivers’ inboxes successfully and not to the spam/other folders or get a block in the first place. And that is a healthy email deliverability state you want for all your business emails. It happens; Owners and managers find that their email campaign is not getting any engagement.

And when they do an email test, they find that their emails didn’t make it to receivers’ inboxes. Here are a few things to do to avoid such problems:

  • Work more on content
  • Your lead list
  • Test deliverability
  • Run and evaluate

Do you want the shortest story? Don’t Spam! That is the golden rule to have successful email deliverability and avoid being marked or flagged as spam.

Even if you send thousands of emails with one click, you need to make it spam-free by customizing it as much as possible. Working on your content to be customizable or modular for mass usage is the first thing you want to do before running an email deliverability test or an email checker.

Cold Email Deliverability

The Negative Impact of Compromised Email Deliverability

Which would be more reasonable, to give some time and resources to test email deliverability? Or to start your campaign by sending it before knowing if it will make it to inboxes or not?

Checking your lead list with cold email warmup tools or email warmup service would be the correct step after adjusting your content. Deliverability failures could negatively impact your business and the receiver when they find your message in their spam folder.

How It Can Affect Your Business

You must have spent time and resources so far on your email campaign. And that would not be the only thing you are risking if you decide to run an email campaign without any email checker or before you test email deliverability.

You could be risking the future as well and not only the past. Your domain might get blocked by search engines, email providers, or receivers. Your reputation might have problems if you send emails to the wrong receivers or irrelevant content.

How It Can Affect Your Clients

Put yourself in their shoes; Would you care for a sender you already found in the spam folder?

That question tells the story, and it doesn’t need an answer to understand the impact of email deliverability problems.

Understanding Sender Reputation

Understanding everything about email senders’ reputations is a complicated matter, and you don’t need to understand everything about it.

But you want a basic understanding of its nature and whether it could affect your email deliverability.

Sender Reputation

An email sender reputation is a score you get and assigned to you by an ISP (Internet Service Provider).

Your score will be higher if you are not marked spam, and your email will reach its destination in the receivers’ inboxes. And vice versa.

Which Factors Build Your Reputation?

It will all make sense to you if you think with the mind of an IPS. You will understand it all without even attempting to test email deliverability. The provider will lower your score with every wrong action you do.

Did you create this email today? Don’t you think that it is wrong to send 1k emails today? Do people mark you as spam? What would you do if you were an ISP? You would lower your score, correct? Do people open your messages? Do they engage with it, or do they delete it? Or mark it as spam? Do you send the exact message to everyone?

Thinking about these answers will make you understand the reputation. Your email reputation is a part of your business reputation as a whole.

Ideal Cold Email Deliverability Rate

If your reputation rate is 95% or above, you will not have deliverability problems, and any email warmup service would assure you the same thing. You will get this score if you act friendly with your email campaign and don’t raise flags or reports.

Most of your emails would reach inboxes without being blocked or moved to spam or others folders. And it’s almost not 100% delivery because some users would install third-party applications and other solutions that would neglect all business emails automatically or move them to spam folders. And that is not on you.

How To Increase Cold Email Deliverability? How to run an Email Test?

If you want to run cold email warmup tools and get a result beyond 95%, you want to avoid anything we mentioned. You want double check your lead list; You don’t want fake, duplicate, or irrelevant emails in your lead list.

Also, You want to avoid any bounces in your performance. You don’t need to send too many emails from a recent unpaid email. Imagine the quantity you send as if it is on a graph, and avoid bounces. You would need a steady line that may go up or down. And finally, you would want customized content tested by an email checker.

How Do Engagement Metrics Affect Email Deliverability?

Delivery metrics are features at ISPs, Email providers at different levels; its job is to find out if emails are spam or not by assessing receivers’ attitudes.

As with any email deliverability test you might run, It will tell you an analysis of your content. And what the receiver did with your email. It would assess all that and assign a positive and negative score to your deliverability. And that accumulates to a total deliverability score.

Tools To Improve And Check Your Email Deliverability

We discussed deliverability threats and causes. Now, Let us discuss methods to improve & check email deliverability:

Again, Your Lead List

Your Lead list is the most crucial step to take care of because it is the base of your email campaign, as discussed earlier. You want to collect it professionally.

Everything else’s success would be counting on a correct lead list with the lowest margin for errors.

Use the Email Check Tool

You probably spent time and money creating your content and generating your lead list. Before starting with sending, you want to test your email deliverability score.

You don’t want to waste your chance with your customers by mailing from a flagged email with a low reputation score. That is a waste of your efforts and money if your mail goes to their spam folder.

You can test your deliverability online via different websites and web applications. You can find an email checker that will contain your needs.

Send & Follow via Professional Software

Are you done with the content, the lead list, and the test? Start your campaign if you are satisfied enough with the results. And remember that you can always rely on professional mass email apps.


In this article, we discussed:

  • Email Deliverability as a concept
  • Reputation
  • Improving the content, the lead list
  • Cold email warmup tools

Email deliverability issues would find their way to anyone trying to send many business emails to clients. Even if they are not spamming, they might get flagged, and their emails would go to spam folders or get blocked in the first place due to the number of emails sent by the sender; And many other factors.

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