Quiz on Sensor Transducer

Practice the 25 quiz questions and answers on sensor & transducer for the instrumentation engineering students.

Quiz on Sensor Transducer

Quiz on Sensor Transducer


1. The change in the value of an analog signal during the conversion process produces what is called the

A) Nyquist error
B) Resolution error
C) Quantization error
D) Sampling error

2. What causes the piezoelectric effect?

A) Heat or dissimilar metals
B) Pressure on a crystal
C) A magnetic field
D) Water running on iron

3. What is the zero-voltage switch used for?

A) To reduce radiation of high frequencies during turn-on of a high current to a load
B) For extremely low-voltage applications
C) To control low-voltage circuits
D) To provide power to a circuit when power is lost

4. Pico is what relation to micro?

A) one-hundredth
B) one-thousandth
C) one-millionth
D) one-tenth

5. A Ohmmeter is basically

A) voltmeter
B) multimeter
C) None of the answers
D) ammeter

6. For turbulent flow, the velocity at the center is times the mean velocity

A) 2.5
B) 5
C) 1.2
D) 0.5

7. A transducer’s function is to

A) Produce mechanical energy
B) Prevent current flow
C) Transmit electrical energy
D) Convert energy

8. The purpose of compensation for a thermocouple is

A) To increase voltage output
B) To cancel the unwanted voltage output of a thermocouple
C) Used for high-temperature circuits
D) To decrease temperature sensitivity

9. What is the moving part of a linear variable differential transformer?

A) Secondary Winding
B) Primary Winding
C) Core
D) Diaphragm

10. What are the effects of moving a closed wire loop through a magnetic field?

A) A current is induced in the wire
B) All of the answers
C) The polarity across the wire depends on the direction of motion
D) A voltage is induced in the wire

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