Instrumentation Materials Test

Practice the 25 quiz questions and answers on material tests for the instrumentation engineering students.

Instrumentation Materials Test

Instrumentation Engineering Materials Test

1. Transformer cores are laminated with

A) Nickel alloy steel
B) Silicon sheet steel
C) Chromium sheet steel
D) Low carbon steel

2. Manganin is an alloy of

A) copper, manganese and nickel
B) copper and manganese
C) manganese, aluminium and nickel
D) manganese and nickel

3. For germanium the forbidden gap is

A) 0.25ev
B) 0.15ev
C) 0.7ev
D) 0.5ev

4. In p-type semiconductor the majority carriers are

A) negative ions
B) positive ions
C) holes
D) electrons

5. Mica is a

A) Both insulating and dielectric material
B) Dielectric material
C) Insulating material
D) Magnetic material

6. Barrier potential in a P-N junction is caused by

A) Thermally generated electrons and holes
B) Flow of drift current
C) Migration of minority carriers across the junction
D) Diffusion of majority carriers across the junction

7. For silicon the forbidden gap is

A) 0.1ev
B) 1.1ev
C) 0.5ev
D) 2.5ev

8. Resistivity of conductors is most affected by

A) pressure
B) current
C) temperature
D) composition

9. A ferrite core has less eddy current loss than an iron core because ferrites have

A) High hysteresis
B) High resistance
C) Low resistance
D) Low permeability

10. Eddy current loss is proportional to the

A) cube of the frequency
B) square of the frequency
C) square-root of the frequency
D) frequency

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