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Reversing Control Valve Actuator Fail Safe Mode

Reversing Control Valve Actuator Fail Safe Mode :

I want to reverse the “fail safe” mode of a Masoneilan (MIL) make control valve  from “fail open” to “fail close ” and vice versa. Please suggest.


If the actuator model is 37/38 series, it is not possible because model 37 is fail open and model 38 is fail close. If you have 37 series you need to order 38 series.

But if the actuator model is 87/88 series, it is possible to change the fail safe mode easily in the field from fail open to fail close, by changing the spring and diaphragm direction installation order.

Actuator series 87/88 are field reversible.

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Pneumatic Spring Diaphragm Actuators

Actuator model is 87/88 series

Valve Actuator Type

Actuator model is 37/38 series

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Control Valve Parts List

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