Top 300 Arduino Projects for Engineering Students

Arduino has emerged as one of the most efficient and accessible platforms for electronics prototyping. Arduino is an open-source ecosystem that makes it incredibly versatile, allowing students, hobbyists, and professionals to create a wide range of engineering projects. From basic blinking LEDs to advanced robotics and IoT systems, the possibilities with Arduino are virtually limitless.

Arduino Projects

Top 300 Arduino Projects for Engineering Students

The following list of the top 300 Arduino projects serves as an extensive resource for engineering students who wish to dive deeper into the world of electronics, robotics, and embedded systems.

  1. LED Blinker
    • A simple project to blink an LED using an Arduino.
  2. Temperature Sensor
  3. Light-sensitive Lamp
    • A lamp controlled by the amount of ambient light, using a photocell.
  4. Digital Thermometer
    • A more advanced temperature display using a digital output.
  5. Servo Motor Control
    • Basic control of a servo motor using potentiometer input.
  6. Ultrasonic Distance Meter
    • Measure distance using an ultrasonic sensor and display it on an LCD.
  7. IR Remote Control
    • A project to control home appliances using an IR remote.
  8. Smoke Detector
    • Detect smoke and sound an alarm using the MQ-2 Smoke Sensor.
  9. Automatic Plant Watering
    • Use soil moisture sensors to automate plant watering.
  10. RFID Door Lock
    • A simple door lock system using RFID tags for authentication.
  11. Smart Car Parking System
    • Use of IR sensors to create a smart car parking system.
  12. Weather Station
    • Monitor temperature, humidity, and pressure and display the data online.
  13. Bluetooth Home Automation
    • Control household devices via Bluetooth using a smartphone app.
  14. Solar Tracker
    • Use light sensors and motors to position a solar panel for maximum exposure.
  15. Fire-fighting Robot
    • A small robot equipped with a fire sensor and a water pump.
  16. Digital Compass
    • Using a magnetometer to create a digital compass display.
  17. Accelerometer-based Gaming Console
    • Utilize an accelerometer to create simple motion-based games.
  18. Heart Rate Monitor
    • Measure and display heart rate using a pulse sensor.
  19. Email Notification System
    • Send an email based on specific sensor inputs.
  20. Line-following Robot
    • A robot that follows a line path using IR sensors.
  21. Drone Flight Controller
    • Use gyros and accelerometers to control a quadcopter drone.
  22. Energy Consumption Meter
    • Monitor electricity consumption and display it in real-time.
  23. Radar System
    • Create a basic radar system using an ultrasonic sensor and a servo motor.
  24. Gesture-controlled Robot
    • Control a robot using hand gestures detected by an accelerometer.
  25. Voice-activated Assistant
    • Build a simple voice recognition system to execute basic commands.
  1. Smart Home Security System
    • Use motion and door sensors to build a home security system that sends alerts to your smartphone.
  2. Traffic Light Controller
  3. Pet Feeder
    • An automatic pet feeder using a servo motor and a real-time clock.
  4. Solar Battery Charger
    • Charge batteries using solar panels and monitor the charging process.
  5. Vibration Detector
    • Detect vibrations or knocks using a piezoelectric sensor.
  6. Text-to-Speech Converter
    • Convert text messages into voice outputs.
  7. Wireless Energy Transfer
    • Experiment with wireless energy transfer using resonant inductive coupling.
  8. Smart Blind Stick
    • Develop a walking stick with sensors to help visually impaired people navigate.
  9. Wifi Controlled Robot
    • Control a robot using WiFi and a smartphone application.
  10. Wind Speed Meter
    • Measure and display wind speed using an anemometer sensor.
  11. RFID-based Attendance System
    • Use RFID tags to automate attendance tracking.
  12. Remote Control Car
    • Build a car that can be remotely controlled using Bluetooth.
  13. pH Meter
    • Develop a pH meter to measure acidity or alkalinity levels in liquids.
  14. Liquid Level Sensor
    • Use capacitive sensing to measure the level of liquid in a tank.
  15. Object Tracking Camera
    • Use servos to make a camera follow a moving object.
  16. Automated Fish Tank
    • Control water temperature, feeding, and light in a fish tank.
  17. Password Protected Safe
    • Build a physical safe with electronic password protection.
  18. Oscilloscope
    • Develop a rudimentary oscilloscope using an LCD display.
  19. Room Occupancy Detector
    • Use PIR sensors to detect if a room is occupied and for how long.
  20. Noise Pollution Monitor
    • Measure ambient noise levels and display them in real-time.
  21. Vehicle Speed Detector
    • Use Doppler radar principles to detect the speed of a moving vehicle.
  22. Digital Voltmeter
    • Measure and display voltage levels on an LCD screen.
  23. Telepresence Robot
    • Build a robot that can be controlled over the internet for remote viewing.
  24. Infrared Object Counter
    • Count objects passing through an infrared beam.
  25. Automated Light Dimmer
    • Use an LDR to automatically adjust the brightness of an LED light.
  1. Weather Forecasting Display
    • Display a weather forecast by pulling data from a weather API.
  2. Stock Market Ticker
    • Show real-time stock market data on an LED ticker.
  3. Ball-and-Plate Balancer
    • A system that keeps a ball balanced on a plate.
  4. E-ink Display Information Dashboard
    • Use an E-ink display to show various real-time information.
  5. Smart Mirror
    • Implement a mirror that also displays time, weather, and personal notifications.
  6. Earthquake Detector
    • Use accelerometers to detect seismic activity.
  7. Gas Leak Detector
    • Monitor gas leaks using an MQ-7 sensor and send notifications when thresholds are exceeded.
  8. Doorbell Camera
    • Implement a doorbell with an integrated camera that sends the video feed to your phone.
  9. Automated Irrigation System
    • Control water supply to plants based on soil moisture levels.
  10. Elevator Simulation
    • Build a miniature elevator controlled by an Arduino.
  11. Ultraviolet (UV) Exposure Monitor
    • Use a UV sensor to monitor and log UV radiation exposure.
  12. IoT-enabled Air Quality Monitor
    • Use multiple sensors to monitor air quality and send the data to the cloud.
  13. Power Factor Meter
    • Measure and display the power factor of an electrical system.
  14. Wearable Fitness Tracker
    • Create a fitness tracking device that monitors steps, distance, and calories burned.
  15. RFID Payment System
    • Implement a payment system using RFID cards and a reader.
  16. Artificial Neural Network Experiment
    • Run basic neural network algorithms on an Arduino for simple tasks like character recognition.
  17. Augmented Reality Sandbox
    • Use depth sensors and projectors to create a topographically accurate sandbox.
  18. Automated Chessboard
    • Design a chessboard that moves pieces automatically based on player decisions.
  19. Biometric Authentication System
    • Integrate a fingerprint scanner for secure authentication.
  20. Collision Avoidance System
    • Develop a system that helps a vehicle avoid obstacles while moving.
  21. Capacitance Meter
    • Design a meter to measure the capacitance of various capacitors.
  22. Optical Character Recognition
    • Implement basic OCR to recognize printed or written text characters.
  23. Battery Discharge Monitor
    • Develop a system to monitor the discharge curve of different batteries.
  24. Sleep Quality Monitor
    • Use sensors to monitor sleep patterns and quality.
  25. Inductive Loop Vehicle Detector
    • Implement a basic vehicle detection system using inductive loops.
  1. Automatic Color Sorter
    • A machine that sorts objects based on color, using RGB sensors.
  2. Fruit Quality Detector
    • Employ machine learning models to detect fruit quality based on various parameters.
  3. Smart Garage Door Opener
    • Open and close a garage door using a smartphone app and monitor its status in real-time.
  4. Voice-Controlled Smart Light
    • Control the color and brightness of a smart light bulb using voice commands.
  5. Vehicle License Plate Recognition
    • Use computer vision to identify and store vehicle license plate numbers.
  6. Currency Counting Machine
    • Design a machine that counts banknotes based on their size and color.
  7. Sudoku Solver
    • Build a device that can solve a Sudoku puzzle presented in a physical grid.
  8. Waste Sorting Robot
    • A robot that sorts waste into recyclable and non-recyclable bins using machine vision.
  9. Interactive Digital Art Installation
    • A touch-sensitive or motion-sensitive art piece that reacts to user interaction.
  10. Flight Data Recorder
    • Capture and log essential flight parameters in a model aircraft.
  11. Blood Pressure Monitor
    • Create a blood pressure monitoring system using appropriate sensors.
  12. Solar Power Monitoring System
    • Monitor various parameters of a solar power system, like voltage, current, and temperature.
  13. Smart Shopping Cart
    • A shopping cart that tracks items as they are added and provides a total cost.
  14. Automatic Scorekeeper for Sports
    • Keep score automatically in games like basketball, using IR or ultrasonic sensors.
  15. 3D Scanning Device
    • Use multiple sensors to scan and recreate a 3D model of an object.
  16. Facial Recognition Door Lock
    • Secure a door lock system using facial recognition algorithms.
  17. Self-Playing Musical Instrument
    • Design an instrument like a guitar or piano that plays notes autonomously.
  18. Fleet Tracking System
    • Keep track of multiple moving vehicles using GPS and GSM modules.
  19. Rotating LED Display
    • Create a cylindrical or spherical LED display that shows animated graphics.
  20. Sound Localization System
    • Detect the direction of incoming sounds using an array of microphones.
  21. Virtual Reality Controller
    • Design a handheld controller for use in a VR environment.
  22. Portable ECG Monitor
    • Build a portable electrocardiogram device to monitor heart activity.
  23. High-Speed Photography Controller
    • Trigger a camera based on high-speed events like bursting balloons or breaking glass.
  24. Music Genre Classifier
    • Use machine learning algorithms to classify music into various genres.
  25. Autonomous Navigation Robot – Build a robot that navigates through a defined path autonomously using sensors and algorithms.
  1. Water Quality Monitoring System – Analyze and report the quality of water by measuring different parameters such as pH, turbidity, and temperature.
  2. Crypto Transaction Logger – Log cryptocurrency transactions in real-time and save the data to an external storage device.
  3. Laser Security System – Implement a security grid using laser beams and photodiodes.
  4. Child Tracker – Use GPS and GSM modules to build a child tracking system.
  5. Anemometer – Measure wind speed using rotary sensors and display the data on a graphical interface.
  6. Gesture-Controlled Vehicle – Control a vehicle using hand gestures interpreted by gyroscope and accelerometer data.
  7. Smart Power Outlet – Create a power outlet that can be controlled through a mobile app.
  8. Livestock Monitoring System – Keep track of the health and location of livestock using wearable tech.
  9. Blockchain Voting System – A secure and transparent voting system using blockchain technology.
  10. Voice-Activated Elevator System – Control an elevator using voice commands through a speech recognition module.
  11. Environmental Data Logger – Log environmental parameters such as temperature, humidity, and CO2 levels over time.
  12. Heatmap Generator – Use a sensor array to generate a heat map of an area, useful for crowd monitoring or energy usage studies.
  13. Face Detection Doorbell – Implement face detection to recognize familiar faces and send customized alerts.
  14. Smart Bike Lock – Create a bike lock that can be opened using a smartphone app.
  15. Language Translation Device – Translate spoken phrases into multiple languages in real-time.
  16. Emergency Response Drone – Build a drone that can be dispatched to an emergency site with first-aid supplies.
  17. Radar System – Create a rudimentary radar system using ultrasonic sensors.
  18. Crowd-Control Robots – Deploy robots in crowded places to manage flow and handle emergency situations.
  19. Soil Nutrient Analyzer – Analyze the nutrient content in soil and provide recommendations for farmers.
  20. Biofeedback Device – Create a wearable device that provides biofeedback to help improve various physiological functions.
  21. Voice-Controlled Wheelchair – Modify a wheelchair to be controlled through voice commands.
  22. Smart Traffic Management System – Implement a traffic control system that adjusts traffic lights based on real-time road conditions.
  23. Intrusion Detection System – Detect unauthorized access in a network using an Arduino-based monitoring system.
  24. Wearable Pollution Monitor – Monitor pollution levels in real-time with a wearable device.
  25. Mail Delivery Robot – Build a robot that can deliver mail within an office setting.
  26. Automated Greenhouse – Control the climate and irrigation in a greenhouse automatically based on sensor readings.
  27. Smart Baby Monitor – Monitor a baby’s movements, sounds, and vital signs.
  28. Marine Life Tracker – Tag and track marine life for research purposes.
  29. 3D Printer Controller – Design a controller for managing a 3D printer’s operations.
  30. Virtual Personal Assistant – Build a rudimentary virtual assistant that can perform tasks like setting reminders, sending texts, and checking the weather.
  31. Digital Thermometer – Develop a digital thermometer with an OLED display and multiple alert functions.
  32. Automated Library System – Implement a book tracking and checkout system in a library.
  33. Smart Trash Collector – Design a trash collector robot that can sort waste into different categories.
  34. Robotic Vacuum Cleaner – Create a simple robotic vacuum cleaner that can navigate a room autonomously.
  35. Augmented Reality Navigation System – Implement a navigation system that uses AR to guide users to their destination.
  36. Plant Health Monitoring System – Monitor the health of plants by measuring parameters like soil moisture, light exposure, and nutrient levels.
  37. Fitness Game Controller – Design a game controller that encourages physical exercise by integrating motion sensing.
  38. Animal Behavior Study Toolkit – Collect and analyze data on animal behavior for research purposes.
  39. Wi-Fi Sniffer – Build a device that detects available Wi-Fi networks and gathers data about them.
  40. Portable Weather Station – Create a portable weather station that can measure parameters like temperature, humidity, and barometric pressure.
  41. Smart Water Fountain – Build a decorative water fountain that can change its patterns based on external stimuli like music or weather.
  42. Laser Tripwire Alarm – Create a security system that triggers an alarm when a laser beam is interrupted.
  43. Smart Textiles – Integrate sensors and actuators into clothing for various purposes like heating, cooling, or health monitoring.
  44. Automated Medication Dispenser – Build a dispenser that releases medication based on a schedule or conditions like body temperature or heart rate.
  45. Aquarium Automation – Automate various aspects of aquarium maintenance, like feeding, lighting, and filtration.
  46. Dynamic Digital Signage – Implement a digital signboard whose messages can be updated remotely.
  47. Fire Detection Drone – Build a drone that can detect fires in forested areas and relay the coordinates to a monitoring station.
  48. Agricultural Drone for Spraying Pesticides – Develop a drone capable of spraying pesticides over large agricultural fields.
  49. RFID-Enabled Smart Shelf – Create a retail shelf that tracks the items placed on it using RFID technology.
  50. Telemetric Car Monitor – Collect and transmit data on various car parameters, like speed, fuel efficiency, and maintenance requirements.
  1. CNC Machine Controller – Design and implement a control system for a CNC machine, enabling precision manufacturing at home.
  2. Mobile-Controlled Quadcopter – Build a quadcopter that can be controlled through a smartphone app.
  3. Earthquake Detector – Create a seismic sensor system that can detect and alert users about earthquakes in real-time.
  4. Automated Fish Feeder – Develop an automatic fish feeder with scheduling and quantity control functionalities.
  5. Weather Forecast Display – Show weather forecasts on an e-ink display, updated regularly via an internet connection.
  6. Tangible User Interface – Create a tangible interface for a computer application, using objects as controllers.
  7. Smart Walking Stick – Develop a walking stick equipped with sensors for navigation and safety alerts.
  8. Automated Beverage Mixer – Design an automated system that can mix beverages according to user-defined ratios.
  9. Energy Harvesting Device – Create a device that can harvest energy from various sources, like solar, wind, or mechanical vibrations.
  10. Music Mood Analyzer – Build a system that determines the mood of a music track and adjusts lighting or other environmental variables accordingly.
  11. Vibration-Based Structural Health Monitoring – Design a system that can assess the structural integrity of buildings or bridges based on vibration patterns.
  12. IoT-Based Irrigation System – Control irrigation in agricultural fields based on real-time weather data.
  13. Precision Agriculture Dashboard – Develop a dashboard to visualize and control various aspects of a precision agriculture system.
  14. Smart Mirror – Create a mirror that displays useful information like time, date, weather, and personal notifications.
  15. Biometric Attendance System – Implement a secure attendance system that uses fingerprint or facial recognition.
  16. Particle Size Analyzer – Build a device that can measure the size of particles in a liquid or gas medium.
  17. Automated Paint Mixer – Develop a system that can mix different colors of paint in specified ratios.
  18. Object Tracking Camera – Design a camera mount that can track and follow moving objects.
  19. Noise Pollution Monitoring – Create a network of noise sensors to monitor and report on urban noise pollution.
  20. Home Energy Management System – Implement a system to manage and optimize energy usage in a smart home.
  21. Automated Farming Robot – Build a robot capable of performing tasks like planting, watering, and harvesting in a controlled environment.
  22. Gaze-Controlled Interface – Create an interface that can be navigated using eye movement.
  23. Digital Scoreboard – Implement a digital scoreboard that can be controlled remotely and can display various types of information.
  24. Sleep Quality Monitor – Design a sleep monitor that measures various factors affecting sleep quality, such as ambient noise, light, and temperature.
  25. Food Safety Monitor – Create a device that can monitor and report on the safety of stored food items based on parameters like temperature and humidity.
  26. Automated Pet Care System – Develop an all-in-one pet care system that includes feeding, play, and health monitoring features.
  27. Drone-Based Delivery System – Implement a system where drones can deliver small packages within a localized area.
  28. Smart Street Lighting – Create a network of smart streetlights that can adjust brightness based on pedestrian and vehicle traffic.
  29. Hand Gesture Remote Control – Design a remote control system based on hand gestures, using a camera or infrared sensors.
  30. Voice-Activated Home Automation – Control various aspects of a smart home through voice commands, from lighting to climate control.
  31. Automated Retail Checkout – Develop a self-checkout system using RFID and barcode scanning technologies.
  32. Indoor Positioning System – Create a system to track the location of objects or people within a building using Wi-Fi or Bluetooth signals.
  33. Facial Expression Recognition System – Implement a facial expression recognition system that can be used for mood analysis or human-computer interaction.
  34. Optical Character Recognition Device – Build a device that can read printed or handwritten text and convert it to a digital format.
  35. Smart Water Management System – Monitor and control water usage in residential or commercial buildings to reduce waste.
  36. Automated Plant Growth Chamber – Develop a growth chamber that can simulate different environmental conditions for plant growth studies.
  37. Security Surveillance System – Create a multi-camera security system with motion detection and alert features.
  38. Bio-impedance Analyzer – Build a device to measure bio-impedance, useful in various medical applications like body composition analysis.
  39. Automated Essay Scorer – Implement machine learning algorithms to automatically score student essays.
  40. Augmented Reality Sandbox – Create a sandbox where the topography is visualized in real-time using a projector and depth sensors.
  41. Automated Film Clapper – Build an automated clapperboard for synchronizing audio and video in film production.
  42. Natural Language Processing Chatbot – Develop a chatbot that can understand and respond to natural language queries.
  43. Morse Code Trainer – Create a system to teach and test Morse code skills.
  44. Smart Postal Box – Implement a postal box that can notify the user when mail is delivered.
  45. Automated Window Cleaner – Design a device that can automatically clean windows using motorized brushes and water jets.
  46. Time-Lapse Camera Rig – Build a rig that can move a camera in predetermined paths for time-lapse photography.
  47. RFID-Enabled Amusement Park Management – Use RFID technology to manage various aspects of an amusement park, like entry and ride access.
  48. Electromyography (EMG) Analyzer – Create a device to record and analyze electromyographic signals from muscle movements.
  49. Object Sorter based on Color – Build a conveyor belt system that can sort objects based on their color using optical sensors.
  50. VR-based Physical Therapy – Implement a virtual reality environment for conducting physical therapy exercises.
  1. Wireless Mesh Network – Develop a mesh network using Arduino and wireless modules to ensure robust and scalable communication between multiple nodes.
  2. Smart Traffic Light Control – Implement an intelligent traffic light system that adapts to real-time traffic conditions for optimal flow.
  3. RFID-Based Library Management – Use RFID tags and readers to manage book inventory and user transactions in a library.
  4. Virtual Tourism Platform – Create a platform where users can take virtual tours of famous landmarks, complete with sensory feedback like temperature and smell.
  5. Voice-Controlled Wheelchair – Develop a wheelchair that can be controlled using voice commands for improved accessibility.
  6. Automated Water Quality Monitor – Design a system that can monitor parameters like pH, turbidity, and dissolved oxygen in a body of water.
  7. Flight Data Recorder – Create a lightweight and compact flight data recorder for drones or RC planes, tracking parameters like altitude, speed, and GPS location.
  8. Smart Car Parking System – Implement an intelligent parking system that can dynamically allocate parking spots based on vehicle size and availability.
  9. Home Intrusion Detection – Develop a home security system that uses motion sensors and cameras to detect intruders and send alerts.
  10. Gesture-Based Computer Mouse – Create a system that allows the user to control the computer cursor through hand gestures captured by a camera.
  11. Automated Telescope Control – Design a control system for a telescope that can automatically point to celestial objects of interest.
  12. Intelligent Inventory Management – Use RFID and barcode technologies to automate inventory management processes, from tracking to reordering.
  13. Multi-Sensor Fire Detection – Build a fire detection system using multiple types of sensors, such as smoke, temperature, and infrared, for greater reliability.
  14. Smart Car Dashboard – Develop a dashboard for cars that displays vital information and allows for touch or voice control of various car functions.
  15. Augmented Reality Navigation – Create a navigation system that superimposes route information on a heads-up display or other see-through surface.
  16. Remote-Controlled Robotic Arm – Implement a robotic arm that can be controlled remotely to perform tasks like picking and placing objects.
  17. Fitness Tracking System – Design a comprehensive fitness tracker that monitors various health metrics like heart rate, steps, and sleep quality.
  18. Dynamic Digital Signage – Create digital signs that can display variable content based on context, such as time of day or viewer demographics.
  19. Hydroponic Growth Monitor – Develop a system to monitor and control environmental factors in a hydroponic growth setup.
  20. Electricity Theft Detection – Implement a system that can detect and report electricity theft by monitoring current and voltage metrics.
  21. Biometric Safe – Design a safe that can only be opened using biometric verification like fingerprint or retina scans.
  22. Music Synchronization for Light Shows – Create a system that synchronizes lights to the beat and tempo of a music track.
  23. 5G Testbed Environment – Build a testbed for evaluating 5G wireless communication technologies using Arduino and compatible modules.
  24. IoT-Enabled Health Clinic – Develop a health clinic management system that integrates IoT devices for patient monitoring and data collection.
  25. Language Translation Device – Create a device that can translate spoken language in real-time, assisting in cross-language communication.
  26. Wildlife Monitoring System – Implement a network of cameras and sensors to monitor wildlife in a specific area, sending data back for analysis.
  27. Automated Chess Board – Design a physical chess board that can automatically move pieces based on player commands or AI decisions.
  28. Industrial Robot Simulator – Create a simulator to test the performance and safety of industrial robots before they are deployed on the factory floor.
  29. Maritime Collision Avoidance – Develop a system that can predict and avoid collisions between ships and other maritime vessels.
  30. Artificial Pancreas – Implement an artificial pancreas that can monitor blood sugar levels and administer insulin automatically.
  31. Smart Classroom Environment – Design a system to control and optimize the environmental factors in a classroom, such as lighting, temperature, and air quality.
  32. VR-based Emergency Response Training – Create a virtual reality environment to train emergency responders in various scenarios.
  33. Haptic Feedback Suit for VR – Develop a suit that provides haptic feedback based on events in a virtual reality environment.
  34. Dynamic Wind Turbine Control – Implement a control system that can dynamically adjust the angle and speed of wind turbine blades based on real-time wind data.
  35. Real-Time Language Tutor – Create a system that can provide real-time language tutoring, correcting pronunciation and grammar as the user practices.
  36. Radar-Based Vehicle Detection – Design a radar system that can detect vehicles and their speed, useful in traffic management and law enforcement.
  37. Automated Soil Testing Kit – Develop a soil testing kit that can automatically measure parameters like pH, nutrient content, and moisture levels.
  38. Personal Air Quality Monitor – Create a portable device that can monitor the air quality in the user’s immediate environment.
  39. Predictive Text Input System – Implement a predictive text input system that can be integrated into various text-based applications.
  40. Drone-Based Aerial Photography – Design a system that can control drones for complex aerial photography tasks, like panoramas or tracking shots.
  41. Medical Imaging Viewer – Create a system to view and annotate medical images like X-rays or MRIs, with zoom and filter features.
  42. Face-Based Payment System – Implement a payment system that uses facial recognition to authenticate transactions.
  43. IoT-Based Garbage Collection – Design an efficient garbage collection system that uses IoT sensors to detect when bins are full and need to be emptied.
  44. Personal Weather Station – Develop a weather station that can monitor various atmospheric parameters and display them in real-time.
  45. Dynamic Music Composer – Create a system that can compose music dynamically based on user input or environmental factors.
  46. Wireless Body Area Network – Implement a network of wireless sensors that can monitor various physiological metrics for health monitoring.
  47. Autonomous Underwater Vehicle – Design an underwater vehicle that can navigate autonomously for tasks like exploration or data collection.
  48. Real-Time Auction Platform – Develop a platform for conducting real-time auctions, with features like live bidding and video streaming.
  49. High-Altitude Balloon Tracker – Create a tracking system for high-altitude balloons, capturing data like altitude, temperature, and location.
  50. Blockchain-Based Voting System – Implement a secure and transparent voting system using blockchain technology.
  51. RFID-Based Asset Tracking – Design a system to keep track of valuable assets using RFID tags and readers.
  52. Livestock Monitoring System – Develop a system to monitor the health and location of livestock using GPS and biometric sensors.
  53. Smart Luggage Tracker – Create a tracking device that can be attached to luggage to monitor its location in real-time.
  54. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy App – Implement a mobile app that guides users through cognitive behavioral therapy exercises for mental health improvement.
  55. Customizable LED Display – Design a LED display that can be customized to show different types of information, like time or weather conditions.
  56. Museum Exhibit Interactivity – Develop an interactive system for museum exhibits that can provide information or trigger events based on user interaction.
  57. Deep Learning-Based Image Recognition – Implement an image recognition system that uses deep learning algorithms to identify objects or features.
  58. Automated Pet Feeder with Webcam – Design an automated pet feeder that includes a webcam for remote monitoring and interaction.
  59. Voice-Activated Home Automation – Create a home automation system that can be controlled through voice commands, integrating various smart devices.
  60. Energy-Efficient Smart Home – Implement a smart home system that focuses on energy efficiency, automatically adjusting lighting, heating, and cooling based on occupancy.
  61. 3D Printer Control System – Design a control system for a 3D printer that allows for remote operation and monitoring.
  62. Real-Time Traffic Density Analysis – Develop a system to analyze real-time traffic data and provide recommendations for optimal routes.
  63. Multi-Sensor Baby Monitor – Create a comprehensive baby monitor that uses multiple types of sensors to track the baby’s health and environment.
  64. IoT-Enabled Supply Chain Management – Implement a supply chain management system that integrates IoT sensors for real-time tracking and monitoring.
  65. Fitness Virtual Trainer – Design a virtual personal trainer that can guide users through workout routines using real-time feedback.
  66. Fleet Management System – Develop a comprehensive fleet management system that tracks vehicle location, condition, and usage statistics.
  67. Speech-To-Text Converter – Create a robust speech-to-text conversion system that can be integrated into various applications.
  68. Elderly Care Robot – Implement a robotic assistant that can help the elderly with tasks like medication reminders or fetching objects.
  69. Emergency Response Drone – Design a drone that can be deployed in emergency situations to deliver medical supplies or capture aerial footage.
  70. Multi-User Virtual Reality – Develop a virtual reality environment that supports multiple users, complete with avatars and interactive elements.
  71. Autonomous Farming Robot – Create a robot that can perform various farming tasks like planting, watering, and harvesting autonomously.
  72. Smart Mirror – Implement a mirror that can display various types of information, like weather or news, and can be controlled through voice commands.
  73. Sustainable Energy Monitor – Design a system to monitor and optimize the usage of renewable energy sources in a household or facility.
  74. Automated Cooking Robot – Develop a robot that can prepare simple meals based on pre-programmed recipes.
  75. Interactive E-Book Reader – Create an e-book reader that includes interactive elements like quizzes or animated illustrations.
  76. Language Learning Game – Implement a game that helps users learn a new language through immersion and repetition.
  77. 3D Mapping with Drones – Design a system where drones can capture 3D mapping data for applications like construction or terrain analysis.
  78. GPS-Based Friend Locator – Develop a system to track the real-time location of friends or family members through GPS.
  79. Digital Comic Book Creator – Create a platform for creating and publishing digital comic books, complete with interactive elements.
  80. Virtual Reality Fitness – Implement a fitness program that takes place entirely within a virtual reality environment.
  81. Real-Time Stock Market Analysis – Design a system that analyzes real-time stock market data and makes investment recommendations.
  82. Personalized News Aggregator – Develop a news aggregation platform that curates content based on user preferences and behavior.
  83. Automated Aquarium Management – Create a system to automate the management of a home aquarium, including feeding, lighting, and filtration.
  84. Smart Door Lock with Facial Recognition – Implement a door lock that uses facial recognition technology to allow or deny access.
  85. Adaptive Learning Platform – Design an educational platform that adapts to the learning style and pace of each individual user.
  86. Crypto Wallet with Biometric Security – Develop a cryptocurrency wallet that uses biometric verification methods like fingerprint or retina scans for added security.
  87. Voice-Activated Note-Taking – Create a note-taking application that can transcribe voice recordings into written text.
  88. IoT-Based Weather Forecasting – Implement a weather forecasting system that uses IoT sensors to collect real-time atmospheric data.
  89. Self-Balancing Robot – Design a robot that can balance itself on two wheels, adapting to different terrains and obstacles.
  90. Telepresence Robot – Develop a telepresence robot that allows users to remotely attend events or meetings through a mobile platform.
  91. Automated Prescription Dispenser – Create an automated dispenser that can sort and release prescription medications based on a schedule.
  92. Virtual Cooking Assistant – Implement a virtual assistant that can guide users through cooking recipes, complete with video demonstrations.
  93. Voice-Activated TV Remote – Design a TV remote that can be controlled through voice commands, eliminating the need for physical buttons.
  94. Context-Aware Mobile App – Develop a mobile app that adjusts its interface and features based on the user’s current context, like location or time of day.
  95. Automated Blood Sample Analyzer – Create a machine that can automatically analyze blood samples for various parameters like glucose or cholesterol levels.
  96. Mood-Based Music Player – Implement a music player that selects tracks based on the user’s current mood, detected through biometric sensors.
  97. Smart Watering System for Plants – Design a watering system that can adapt to the needs of different types of plants, monitored through soil moisture sensors.
  98. Real-Time Sign Language Translator – Develop a system that can translate sign language into spoken language in real-time, using cameras and machine learning algorithms.
  99. Customizable Alarm Clock – Create an alarm clock that can be customized to include various types of alerts, like vibrations or light patterns.
  100. Automated Disaster Relief Drone – Implement a drone system that can be deployed in disaster-stricken areas to provide aid like food, water, or medical supplies.


In wrapping up this extensive list of 300 Arduino projects for engineering students, it’s clear that the Arduino platform serves as a cornerstone in the modern engineering curriculum. The projects we’ve explored in a lot of fields such as healthcare, automation, robotics, IoT, and many more

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