Electronics and Instrumentation Students Quiz

Electronics and instrumentation engineering students quiz questions and answers to test your skills on the subject.

Instrumentation Students Quiz

Electronics and Instrumentation Students Quiz


1. In strip chart recorders, the self-balancing potentiometers plot emf as a function of

A) Emf
B) Pressure
C) Time
D) Frequency

2. The shorter wavelength of the electron permits the detailed examination of tiny objects due to the reduction of ___________ effects

A) Diffraction
B) Reflection
C) Refraction
D) Polarization

3. The slewing speed of X-Y recorder is

A) 1.5 m/s
B) 3.5 m/s
C) 4.5 m/s
D) 2.5 m/s

4. Which of the following recorder gives slow response

A) X-Y recorder
B) Oscillographic
C) Magnetic
D) Galvanometric

5. When either one of the inputs to the differential amplifier is equal to zero then it is said to be operated in

A) Single ended mode
B) Inverting mode
C) Non inverting mode
D) Differential mode

6. The negative feed back in an amplifier

A) Increases the voltage gain
B) Reduces voltage gain
C) Increases the gain band width product
D) Reduces the input impedances

7. Storage oscilloscope operates on the principle of

A) Primary emission
B) Diffusion
C) Deflection
D) Secondary emission

8. The CMRR of a typical IC OPAMP is

A) 80 dB
B) 90 dB
C) 70 dB
D) 85 dB

9. Which is usually a display device used to produce a paper record of the analog waveform

A) Graphic pen recorder
B) Oscilloscope
C) X-Y recorder
D) Electron microscope

10. Stress and strain curves are plotted using

A) Magnetic tape recording
B) X-Y recording
C) PMMC writing systems
D) Galvanometric

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Instrumentation Quiz

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