HVAC Multiple Choice Questions

In this article, we shared the HVAC multiple choice questions and answers.

HVAC Multiple Choice Questions

The below list provides all the multiple-choice questions related to Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning.

Answers are available at the bottom of the article.

HVAC Multiple Choice Questions

Question 1:

The motor used for domestic refrigerators is

A) Shunt motor
B) Series motor
C) Universal motor
D) Single phase induction motor

Question 2:

Refrigeration capacity is measured in

A) Kg
B) Tons
C) °C
D) °F

Question 3:

Hot water of condenser is cooled by

A) Ammonia gas
B) Freon gas
C) Cooling tower
D) Chilled water

Question 4:

The purpose of a dehydrator is

A) To compress the gas
B) To protect the referigeration system from atmosphere pressure
C) AIl of these answers
D) To remove moisture from refrgeration system

Question 5:

Out of which is not a part of the refrigerator

A) Freezer
B) Air compressor
C) Condenser
D) Thermostat

Question 6:

What is the cause of a pump running tight

A) Shaft bend
B) All of these answers
C) Lack of lubrication
D) Incorrect pump fitting

Question 7:

For voltage regulation for a domestic refrigerator which is generally used

A) AIl of these answers
B) Shunt capacitor
C) Voltage stablizer
D) Shunt motor

Question 8:

The refrigeration process is mainly for

A) Food protection
B) None of these answers
C) Protection against dust
D) Germs killing

Question 9:

Generally which gas is used in refrigerators

A) Freon 11
B) Freon 22
C) Freon 13
D) Freon 12

Question 10:

Whích is not a part of the electrical system in a refrigeration system

A) Thermostat
B) Induction motor
C) None of these answers
D) Condenser

Question 11:

Freon gas is a

A) Tranic gas
B) colorless gas
C) All of these answers
D) Flammable gas

Question 12:

Out of the following which is a secondary refrigerant

A) None of these answers
B) Freon
C) Ammonia
D) Sulphur dioxide

Question 13:

How much temperature is maintained in the freezer of a refrigerator

A) 0°F
B) 50°F
C) 5°F
D) 20°F

Question 14:

Which is the type of liquid circulating pump out of following

A) Reciprocating pump
B) All of these answers
C) Rotarty pump
D) Centrifugal pump

Question 15:

Belt driven unit is called

A) Semi-sealed unit
B) Sealed unit
C) None of these answers
D) Open unit

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