Instrumentation Engineering Materials Test

This test comprises of instrumentation engineering materials and basics for the student practice.

Instrumentation Engineering Materials Test

Instrumentation Engineering Materials Test

1. Materials which can store electrical energy are called

A) semi conductors
B) super conductors
C) magnetic materials
D) dielectric materials

2. Gold and silver are

A) magnetic materials
B) insulating materials
C) dielectric materials
D) low resistivity conducting materials

3. The material with the lowest resistivity is

A) nichrome
B) silver
C) manganin
D) constantan

4. Germanium possesses

A) four valence electrons
B) one valence electrons
C) three valence electrons
D) two valence electrons

5. Dielectric constant of vacuum is

A) 100
B) one
C) zero
D) infinity

6. The property due to which the resistance of some metal or compound vanishes under certain conditions is

A) Semi conductivity
B) Curie point
C) Magnetostriction
D) Super conductivity

7. Brass is an alloy of

A) copper and iron
B) copper and tin
C) copper and Aluminium
D) copper and zinc

8. Property of material which allows it to be drawn out into wires is

A) Ductility
B) Solder ability
C) Malleability
D) Super conductivity

9. Permanent magnets are made of

A) super conductors
B) hard magnetic materials
C) semi conductors
D) soft magnetic materials

10. Ceramics are good

A) insulators
B) conductors
C) semiconductors
D) superconductors

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