flow Nozzle

Flow Nozzle Principle

When a flow nozzle is placed in a pipe carrying whose rate of flow is to be measured, the flow

Flow Measurement Quiz

Flow and Level Measurement Quiz

In this article, we shared the flow and level measurement quiz questions and answers for instrumentation and electrical engineers.

Flowmeter Characteristics

Flow Meter Characteristics

Experts claim that over 75 percent of the flow meters installed in industry are not performing satisfactorily. And improper selection

Choked Flow of Control Valve

Choked Flow of Control Valves

Both gas and liquid control valves may experience what is generally known as choked flow. Simply put, “choked flow” is

Annubar flow principle

Different Types of Flow Elements

Pitot Tube Other pressure-based flow elements exist as alternatives to the orifice plate. The Pitot tube, for example, senses pressure