On-OFF Valve Animation

What is ON/OFF Valve ?

An ON/OFF Valve is the fluid equivalent of an electrical switch, a device that either allows unimpeded flow or acts

AC Induction Motor Construction

Basics of AC Induction Motors

The basic principle of an AC induction motor is that one or more out-of-phase AC (sinusoidal) currents energize sets of

Temperature Switch Symbol

Temperature Switch Principle

A temperature switch is one detecting the temperature of some substance. Temperature switches often use bimetallic strips as the temperature-sensing

Pressure Switch Construction

Basics of Pressure switches

A pressure switch is one detecting the presence of fluid pressure. Pressure switches often use diaphragms or bellows as the

Limit Switch Schematic

Basics of Limit switches

A limit switch detects the physical motion of an object by direct contact with that object. An example of a

OTDR testing

OTDR Testing

An Optical Time-Domain Reflectometer or OTDR is a sophisticated test instrument used to probe the characteristics of long optical fibers.

Optical power loss testing

Fiber Optic Cable Testing

Fiber optic cable testing is done to ensure all installed cable lengths and connectors are functioning properly.