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Flow Transmitters Questions and Answers

S Bharadwaj Reddy
Flow Transmitters Questions and Answers What is CFM, SCFM, ACFM, Am³/hr and N m³/hr? CFM is a unit of flow rate (cubic feet per minute) SCFM is a unit of...

Working Principle of Vortex Flow Meter

S Bharadwaj Reddy
Vortex Meters can be used for a wide range of fluids, i.e. liquids, gases and steam. They are to be seen as first choice, subject to verification to cover the...

Vortex Flow meter Animation

S Bharadwaj Reddy
A vortex flow meter comprising: a flow sensor operable to sense pressure variations due to vortex shedding of a fluid in a passage and to convert the pressure variations to...

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