Parallel RLC Circuit

Impedance in RLC Circuits

Impedance in an R-C-L series circuit is equal to the phasor sum of resistance, inductive reactance, and capacitive reactance (Figure

Simple RC Circuit

Impedance in RC Circuits

In a capacitive circuit, as in an inductive circuit, impedance is the resultant of phasor addition of R and XC.

Simple RL Circuit

Impedance in RL Circuits

Impedance is the resultant of phasor addition of R and XL. The symbol for impedance is Z. Impedance is the

relationship between resistance, reactance, and impedance


Whenever inductive and capacitive components are used in an AC circuit, the calculation of their effects on the flow of

Electrical Terminology

Electrical Terminology

The Basic Electrical Terminology Terms as follows: Active Power (Watt): Sometime called Real Power, True Power or Effective power. It