Cable Shield

High-frequency Signal Cables

Electronic signals used in traditional instrumentation circuits are either DC or low-frequency AC in nature. Measurement and control values are


What is DIN rail ?

DIN stands for “Deutsches Institut fur Normung”, which means “German Institute for Standardization.” In the 1970’s the name DIN became the

Chart Recorders

What is a Recorder ?

Another common “auxiliary” instrument is the recorder (sometimes specifically referred to as a chart recorder or a trend recorder ),

Advances in Control System

Neural Networks

Neural Networks 1. An essential ingredient for effective multimedia presentations incorporates user participation or __________ a) Links b) Buttons c)

Frequency Response MCQ

Bode Plots MCQ

Bode Plots MCQ 1. Assertion (A): Relative stability of the system reduces due to the presence of transportation lag. Reason

Frequency Response MCQ

Frequency Response MCQ

Frequency Response MCQ 1. Scientist Bode have contribution in : a) Asymptotic plots b) Polar plots c) Root locus technique