Types of Resistors

A very basic component that all the engineers including instrumentation discipline should know about. A resistor is a passive component.

Electronic Symbols

Periodic Table of Electronic Symbols Click on Image to Zoom Download Electronic Symbols Image : Click Here

Freewheeling Diode Working Principle

A Freewheeling diode also called as flyback diode.  The freewheeling diode also called as snubber diode, commutating diode, freewheeling diode, suppressor

PMMC Temperature Compensation

The basic pmmc instrument is sensitive to the temperature. The magnetic field strength and spring tension decrease with increase in

Cathode Ray Tube (CRT)

The cathode ray Tube (CRT) is the heart of the C.R.O. the CRT generates the electron beam, accelerates the beam,

CRT Fluorescent Screen

The light produced by the screen does not disappear immediately when bombardment by electron ceases, i.e., when the signal becomes

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