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Bridge Rectifier Working Animation

S Bharadwaj Reddy
What is Rectifier? A rectifier is a device that simply converts alternating current (AC) into direct current (DC). The way a rectifier changes AC to DC is by the use...

Ethernet Bus Animation

S Bharadwaj Reddy
Ethernet Bus: This is a coax based Ethernet network where all machines are daisy chained using RG58 coaxial cable (sometime referred to as Thin Ethernet or Thin-net). Machine 2 wants...

Forward Bias & Reverse Bias Diode Working Animation

S Bharadwaj Reddy

JFET Working Animation

S Bharadwaj Reddy
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Optocouplers Working Principle

S Bharadwaj Reddy
What is optocoupler?  An optocoupler is an optical link and it connects two circuits via this link. The optical link is contained within a chip. A Light Emitting Diode inside...

Transistor as a Switch Working Principle

S Bharadwaj Reddy
The below Figure illustrates the basic operation of a BJT as a switching device. In part (a), the transistor is in the cutoff region because the base-emitter junction is not forward-biased....

Token Ring and Token Bus Working Animation

S Bharadwaj Reddy
Token Ring At the start, a free Token is circulating on the ring, this is a data frame which to all intents and purposes is an empty vessel for transporting...

LC Tuned circuit Working Animation

S Bharadwaj Reddy
  Animated diagram showing the operation of a tuned circuit (LC circuit). This is an improvement over previous versions of this animation which uses variable frame display times to show...

Full Wave Bridge Rectifier Operation

S Bharadwaj Reddy
The bridge rectifier uses four diodes connected as shown in Figure. When the input cycle is positive as in part (a), diodes D1 and D2 are forward-biased and conduct current in the...

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