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Latest Electrical Motors Questions and Answers

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How do the new IE efficiency classes compare with the old EFF efficiency classes? The new IS: 12615-2011 defines the following efficiency classes of low-voltage three phase asynchronous motors in...

Electrical Machines Objective Questions

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Electrical Machines Questions & Answers 1. Magnetic Circuits Principle of Energy Conversion Excited Magnetic Systems 2. Basic Concepts in Rotating Machines Reluctance Motor Doubly Excited Magnetic Systems Elementary Synchronous Machines...

Electrical Machines Questions and Answers

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Lap winding is suitable for high current and low voltage generators while wave winding is suitable for high voltage and low current generators. >Lap winding is suitable for high current...

Induction Motor Interview Questions Answers

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What are the advantages and disadvantages of Induction Motors? Advantages: It is simple and rugged in construction It is relatively cheap Induction motors require less maintenance Induction motor has high...

Electrical Machines Short Answers

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1. Why almost all large size Synchronous machines are constructed with rotating field system type? The following are the principal advantages of the rotating field system type construction of Synchronous...

Electrical Engineering Interview Questions

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[1] What are the two types of SRM? (i) Rotary SRM (ii) Linear SRM [2] what are the types of rotor position sensors in SRM? (i) Optical sensor (ii) Hall...

Questions and Answers in Electrical Machines

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[1] What is an ideal transformer? The ideal transformer should have the following properties: It has no losses Its windings have zero resistance It should have zero leakage flux (100%...

Electrical Machines Interview Questions and Answers

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[1] Why is the efficiency of a three-phase Induction Motor is less than that of a three-phase Transformer?  Three phase Induction motor is nothing but a rotating transformer. Due to...

Interview Questions on Transmission & Distribution

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Why is alternating current used for transmission? AC is used for transmission because transformers can step it up to high voltage for long distance, and down to low voltage for...


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In this MCQ you can learn and practice Autotransformers objective quiz questions to test your knowledge on electrical machines....

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