Dead Time and Reclaim Time

What is Auto Reclosing?

Auto Reclosing Auto reclosing is a phenomenon in which the breaker tries to reconnect the line between two points with

Allen-Bradley VFD

AC Motor Speed Control

AC induction motors are based on the principle of a rotating magnetic field produced by a set of stationary windings

DC motor speed control

DC Motor Speed Control

DC electric motors generate torque by a reaction between two magnetic fields: one field established by stationary “field” windings (coils),

VFD circuit

AC Motor Braking

There are several different methods useful for causing an AC induction motor to brake, or slow down: DC injection Dynamic

Use of line reactors

Use of line reactors

Regulating the electric power sent to an electric motor is a task performed by high-speed switching transistors inside a motor

Metering pumps

Metering Pumps

A very common method for directly controlling low flow rates of fluids is to use a device known as a