9 Tips to Write an Impressive Cover Letter

Many people can consider writing a cover letter as an incredibly difficult task, and they compose long, unreadable texts. Others may treat it as something insignificant and write it short and to the point.

In most cases, people may decide not to write a cover letter at all because a resume contains enough information. However, a cover letter is part of a potential employee’s image. It determines whether or not a company will invite the candidate to an interview.

A properly drafted cover letter does not guarantee a job because it is an interview’s task. The purpose of the document is to help a person get to that interview. If you are having trouble with this task, you can first look through essay writing service reviews and find examples of decent cover letters. You should know what piques the interest of HR managers. 

Write an Impressive Cover Letter

Tips to Write an Impressive Cover Letter

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What’s so great about a cover letter? It gives a candidate opportunities

  • to identify own position and explain why the vacancy is of interest;
  • to provide a detailed description of the candidate’s activities;
  • to describe strengths and skills.

Understanding how to write the perfect cover letter will come with experience. We can share tips that will help you get closer to that understanding.


A person can have one cover letter template created for all job openings. But when sending it out, one should not forget to make it personalized.

It is necessary to specify who the applicant is addressing. It is best if the potential employer’s name is in the appeal. If it is unknown, then one can address the company.


Visually, a cover letter should not take more than one A4 page. You do not need to repeat everything that has already been mentioned in the resume.

Instead, pay attention to the addition of the main points, which will better disclose the skills and experience.


A cover letter should specifically show professional accomplishments. It can be more difficult for students because they don’t have the necessary experience yet.

But this can easily be remedied if you try several ways of earning money while studying. This way, you will get both work experience and the opportunity to cite real-life examples.


Work experience will already be listed on the resume itself. In a cover letter, a person should add important moments related to it.

If a student has been dreaming of starting their own business since college, it is worth a try. Even if it doesn’t work out, such a life event will be an invaluable experience to talk about in the cover letter.


A cover letter is a business document. Any business document should be drafted competently and professionally. Be sure to use a variety of services to check grammar and punctuation. The logical structure, flow, and presentation are best corrected sometime after writing the letter. 

As an option, one can ask a friend or relative to look at the written text with an objective eye. The aim is to make the document error-free so that HR managers are not distracted from the key points.

Your Strengths

A cover letter can and should talk about strengths and talents. During student life, it is not unreasonable to ask for any help to reinforce your strengths. For example, you might take advantage of devices that will help you become a better student while using them correctly.

It is worth noting that one should mention those strengths that are relevant to the specific job.

Professional Language

A cover letter has no place for slang, abbreviations, and proverbs. It is the professional face of the potential employee. Employers are interested in people who know how to keep their distance and create the right impression from the first words.

Visible Value

One should not make a cover letter sound like an essay on “who I wanted to be when I grew up.” If a person submits a resume for a job as a lawyer, it will already be clear to the employer why. Also, do not explain why the job offer is the best.

A person should treat a cover letter with the thought of “what value I can bring to the company.” That way, it will be easier to describe skills and strengths. A small tip: one can choose a few requirements from the job description and address them with examples and facts.


Employers and HR managers get many resumes and cover letters. The structure is important for them to know where to find the necessary information about the employee. 


In this part, the potential employee can tell how they found out about the position. A company learns which advertising channel is the most effective. Also, many companies have a referral bonus system: if an employee tells about a position to a friend and the applicant gets the position, they can get a financial reward.

Main Body

It is the most important part because it talks about the interest in the position and how education, skills, and experience would be valuable to the company.

As mentioned above, one should provide examples where these skills have come in handy in a work situation. If there is no work experience, one can discuss the moments close to the company’s activity. 

You do not have to make up something that did not happen to create an impressive experience. The truth will come out anyway.


It is an appeal to the potential employer. In this part, it is necessary to underline why the potential employee is good for the job offer. Also, specify the free time for the interview and contact information (phone number or email).

The Bottom Line

At some point, you can be confused about what to write in a cover letter. In that case, just remember that it is not a story about a potential employee as a person. It is an emphasis on the value you can bring to the company.

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