Simple Ways to Become a Confident Fluent Essay Writer

As a writer, it is critical to adhere to basic writing rules. The methods below will assist you in becoming more comfortable with your writing style as well as improving your grammar and spelling.

Fluent Essay Writer

Fluent Essay Writer

You should also use online resources to improve your writing style.

Embrace Your Authentic Voice

You are not just another author. You have a strong, genuine voice that connects with others and elicits emotions. Accept your voice.

The true voice is usually subdued and reflects your relationship with the subject. It is the channel through which your words are heard by your audience.

As a writer, you’ll notice how the voice conveys the message to the audience. It reflects both your connection to your topic and the author’s connection to the topic.

Ask a Native Speaker to Proofread Your Work

It can be challenging to write in a foreign language, so having a native speaker proofread your work might be beneficial. This will assist you in detecting faults and clarifying confusing phrases. Having someone else read your work allows you to hear how your sentence building sounds when written in the native tongue.

Proofreading your work is critical to ensuring that it sounds excellent and conveys the message you intend. Native speakers are significantly better at reading and understanding the language than non-natives, which will help you stand out in your work.

Keep a Journal

Keeping a journal is one of the finest techniques to enhance your writing fluency. Keeping a journal helps you to privately write and evaluate your ideas and feelings. This procedure can raise your self-esteem, help in essay writing, and improve your writing abilities. It can also aid in the improvement of your grammar and vocabulary.

Writing a daily or weekly entry is an excellent idea. You can also use a computer to create and arrange your schedule by using an app. Another excellent technique to develop your writing skills is to keep a one-sentence journal in which you answer questions.

Journaling, according to research published in the Journal of Experimental Psychology, can help you improve your working memory. Your brain will recognize that you wish to remember something when you write it down. It’s also an excellent way to practice learning new things. Journaling, as opposed to taking notes, allows you to write about what you see and do as you are experiencing it.

Keeping a journal is another important strategy for becoming a confident fluent essay writer. Writing every day will help you enhance your writing abilities. Not only will this allow you to practice new vocabulary, but it will also allow you to review your grammar.

Essay Writer Keeping a journal

Practice Writing with a Thesaurus

Thesauruses are most commonly used to find substitute words for frequently used words. “See” can, for example, be replaced with “view.” Suggestions from the thesaurus can help make your language more complicated and fascinating. A thesaurus, when used appropriately, can help you become a more fluent and confident essay writer.

Reading as much as possible is another approach to practicing writing with a thesaurus. Most English words share a common root, prefix, or suffix. When you learn a root, you can better understand other words that share the same root. The Latin root of the word “duc,” for example, is “make,” which means “to lead.” You can improve your writing and learn new words by practicing with a thesaurus.

A thesaurus is a wonderful resource for pupils who are having difficulty defining unknown words. To explain the meaning of new words, you can use an online thesaurus. This is very important for non-native English speakers.


Writing confidence is contagious. Confident writers do not over-explain or use filler words. They make their claims using certain words and phrases. They also conduct research and cite useful resources in their work. If you want to be successful, you must be able to overcome your uncertainties.

To begin, select an essay topic about which you are enthusiastic. Furthermore, before writing the introductory paragraph, you should produce a draft of your essay. Because an initial paragraph can be difficult or boring, you should concentrate on how it can improve your work.

Another strategy to gain confidence when writing essays is to approach them as if they were a dance. You can produce a circle essay instead of a linear one by circling the topic or presenting an argument. You should also ensure that your essay is carefully proofread. This includes both spelling and grammar, as well as sentence structure. This will allow you to get the most out of your essay writing procedure.

Finally, don’t be scared to seek assistance from other students. Medium-sized schools typically have a supportive student-to-student environment. Furthermore, you may meet other students who might provide feedback to help you better your writing. This allows you to get their honest view without taking it personally.

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